Recent radio listener + festival comments sampler ( still more on the air ! )

“Dear Radio worldOnelove, I’m a Berkeley native now living in El Cerrito after many years on the road. I moved back two years ago and re-discovered your radio station, which I now listen to every morning, day, and night. The music you play and words you share on the air help me get along in the world, and I want to thank you for that. I’m also wondering if I can get involved with your station, as a volunteer of some sorts… Thank you again for my making my life better and inspiring me to be my best self every day. Your station is a spiritual balm”  Jeff.


“I’m basking in the glow of Sitara’s song. It just played, and I’ve been meaning to let you know I’ve heard the song several times at night. The song warms my heart!”  Kaiwe.


Hi, we found out about this radio station last year and we love it!! We listen to it every day.” Natalie.


Thank you for all you do. I found your station this year and have quickly come to depend on it for daily doses of love, intelligence, inspiration and rhythm. I’d like to donate but it looks like the Funding Pal link is no longer active. Let me know when it is active again, or how I can best send you some $.” 🙂 Catherine.


I love seeing how many people are willing to volunteer to help with the festival. El Cerrito is a great city!”  Ann.


Good Evening! I really enjoy the rise and shine show, I listen on my way to work and the positive vibes really set up the day. Thank you so much and you play some FANTASTIC MUSIC! And like Stevie Wonder says….LOVE’S IN NEED OF LOVE TODAY.  Peace :)” Yvette .


Love your station. What was the song being played about 4:20 pm
Wednesday March 29? Thanks” Larry, Berkeley.


“Working with you is such a pleasure for us– your community-building, artistic vision, enthusiasm, and heartfelt care for the artists you work with is so inspiring!  Our musicians had such a blast performing, connecting with audience and other artists.”  Rose.


“As always, very positive vibes all around and loved volunteering a couple hours at a community booth. We are truly blessed to have such an open, mindful, and lovely fest right in our home City. worldOne, because we only have ONE world! Namaste!”  Terri.


Thank you for selecting King Tubby meets the Rockers. Would you please play the song called: “Rap Music” By:Killer Mike For Kika & The whole Mendocino Massive down here? Gracias Love you, man. One love.


Love the shows. Love the programming. Thanks. I am Richard S., a local historian and recorder of local Indian sites…”


Corey, you and your show inspire my day! Your comprehension and articulation of “the issues” with such heart, humor and clarity utterly moves me. Donation forthcoming…Keep up the love and all you do so well.  Truly, Kimberly C.


Invaluable share at 2:57pm on Feb. 28th. Whoever that was speaking from Madison is incredible!!!!!!! I want to know who that is. What a RALLY!!!!  Thank you for playing this. Thank you.Karina .


Can you please tell me what the amazing background song playing at 9:04pm tonight? It was a groovy electronic song with perhaps a flute. There was talking over the song giving thanks to those who had donated money. Thank you!Eki


Greetings folks. I’m hoping you can help me out. On Tuesday 11/29 at 11:38 am you played the sweetest little bit of something I’ve heard maybe ever. I don’t wanna sink into hyperbole, but I do know that it held me pinned to my seat until it was done with me. Great female voice, acoustic guitar just cooking, slide tasty. wow…talk about moogin the oot greet…It had been preceded by an fine african rhythm thing, and when it ended I heard ‘way back in the distance the dj, in a kind of deep wave voice, “Andrea (something) Ya yo no, or Yano no”. Who is Andrea? Who was that band? Please help if you can.  Thanks. Kyle