Good Morning Good Evening Good !  Where are you ? 

This book cover image above is by Paul Windsor / Haisla,Heiltsuk .. whose work we find beautiful and inspiring… and the book itself is a delight!  Please see the blog page to learn a bit more .. and ..

This image is renderd by Mohawk / Haudenosaunee Brother and Culture Keeper Roger Sosakete Perkins.. We were struggling with all the tumult .. and resoled same, rendered a prayer, as it is .. this image has been printed on (heart+vision+Qi expanding) tee shirts ..  holla at us and we’ll connect the dots .. 

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You Are the Public in Public Radio + freely presented Community Festival.

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 Open Minds + Open Hearts + Open Possibilities + Open House 

Thanks ALL Double RainBrros + Sinthesisters, who brought thier SHiNE, managed to dew drop inn on November 18th including: Damo + Mika, One Feather +  Eric, Joel, Nateji, Jonas, Stephanie Wild Girl, Robert, Eileen H, 3AMChrisB,Michelle+Alton, RichardO,  DjIAMSDAMIAM, EdPhones, John, Daniel, Laura+ Cassie, Coleen + Rodrigo, Kimmie, Randy, Jose , Ramon, Charlotte, Betty, Helen, Vince + Laura, Esther and MatinaBella, Dr. Lisa, Joel+Grace, Kate+Emerson+Hayden+Brooks, Tom + Janet, Jim, Nilda, Deborah, Chas !                 

Love’s in need of love today – send yours in right away … 

Gracias! A La Vida Que Nos Da Todo y Tanto...


“As always, very positive vibes all around … We are truly blessed to have such an open, mindful, and lovely fest right in our home City.  worldOne, because we only have ONE world! Namaste!”  Terri.


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With our 19th annual worldOne festival truly celebrated,

we look forward to welcoming you to our 20th annual worldOne festival coming to Cerrito Vista Park July 3rd + 4th, 2018.

Come relax, enjoy and be delighted by musicalities mondial for U.S.ALL peoplovpeacecopowerunity. 

A few helpful notes ~ low back chairs or blankets are a-OK.  July 3rd – Phillipino food + Hawaiian shave ice food trucks in the park.  July 4th – Food court, arts + crafts booths + kids rides and games.  On-site bike parking with Spokes Valet.  Free street parking nearby. Cerrito Vista Park is @ 1/2 mile east the Ohlone Greenway / BART tracks, corner Moeser and Pomona, and equidistant from EC Plaza and Del Norte BART. City is running free Para Transit shuttles from El Cerrito Plaza Bart.  We love dogs! … though no dogs are allowed in the park, except service dogs and dogs in carriers.   

Thank you One in All, for your Art and Love.

You are the Public in Public Radio … Public RadiYOU!  Your direct listener support is a vital part of our sustainability.  We seem to never miss the water til its gone … let’s not miss the KeCg worldOne musicultral waters !

Please see the blog tab for introduction to the work of Paul Windsor / Haisla ,Heiltsuk .. Good Morning Good ! World …