We are Circling We Are Spiraling .. All Together now all Together Here … 

Time to Chime ..in Flowering Time 

Open Hearts + Open Minds + Open Possibilities

Open House Satunday,  May 4, 11A – 3PM  

540 Ashbury Ave.  El Cerrito, CA  El Cerrito HS + Performing Arts Center

easy free parking, curb your wheels,  wheelchair accessible, ramps from Eureka Street

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Saturday named for the Roman god of Agriculture … … Giving Thanks to the Growing  .. Aina ..  the uluwehi ,, the upwelling  which feeds us  …. harvest season to stock our  winter larder … Lets get together and feel all right … Gracias A La Vida … que nos da todo y tanto …

May 4  will be a pot luck (potlach)  if you like bring, some delectable, savory or healthful yummy sweet to share ..and yes! tella friend and bring a friend to meet + greet .. mingle, remember, giggle, even tingle !

More details to follow as we learn who will be in studio and suite with us on that date..

By the way .. if the PLAY app/button is recalcitrant .. here’s a live stream connect .


worldOne is about … 

musicalities in the key of LuZ + AMoR + ViBRa Buena … globalmetapopjazreggaelovefolkindigenousfunklore fusion … 

worldOne radio+festival is a labor of love daily + nightly, all-star all-rightly … in Flowering Time and Gracious Spaciousness … constellating, realizing from a deep and evolving dream … from a particular point of you … me too.

musicalites for all earthnicities … gathering musicultura + notions from the four corners … for peoplovpeacecopowerunity in OneLoveGalore!

glocal kultimultural roots, views and musical froots to accompany your Bright Blessed Days and Dark Sacred Nights … swirls and upwelling of sound, color, texture, timber, rhythms  … connecting the dots … All our Relations.

our Intention: to uplift, reveal, edjujucate, restore, recreate, cultivate + heal, Be Whole  … gathering the best of us, eclectic syncretic for the rest of us.

Our Thanks and Appreciation to Journalist Tony Glaros and The Monthly for this (November) featured article :

 worldOnefestival 2018 … an AMAZING DAY Together under the sun !  Gracias a La Vida ! 


We’ll be quite pleased to Circle + Spiral … and do some Dancin’ and a’ Prancin’ with y’all,  family and friends … in a positive vibrations, all generations, celebration of U.S.ALL Our Relations !   That’s how we do it round the ol’ worldOneradio corral … Lets talk about livin’ … whoopin’ and hoppin’ and boppin’ and alovelovey dovin’ …. e como mai ! = ; ) ~