Hope Springs Eternal

May Spring Refill and rejuvenate you, here in the Northern Hemisphere  … our nearby hills are awash in sweet sweeping rains and rolling waves of wild flowers ..

Listening to ” Heavenly Adagios” this am .. WOW .. a gorgeously compiled double cd …heart and home are swelling .. including the drawing pad … after stasis for a few months … BTW … those musical panels ( Lov for Sale ) now life in our ECHS Main Office, by popular demand. Including “Sea of (Turtle)  Love” .. no one has figured out/commented on the aquatic-erotic wink in that panel .. LoL ..   a recent muse here..  ” Bam BuuM” ..

My nervous system has been on tilt ( See March Forward) … as soon as the academic pressure is off… all kinds of symptoms of exhaustion come up .. 11 and 12 hour bed rests, wierd and revealing dreamings … gronkiness .. and then .. I spring back into creative will and action .. although I am getting older and more sensitive .. seems to take longer to recover …

Good news on the worldOneradio streaming front, we are back up, and testing a low fi signal this week

… install winamp .. and paste in the url : http://neon.wavestreamer.com:5279
and we hope you enjoy it !

Musically, we got our jaz on lately along with all the global vibz   .. we could not be more thrilled to revisit, recommend and share :  Pahroah Sanders, Pat Metheney Group, Ceu ( neuw! Carnaval), Esperanza Spaulding ( Radio Music/Junjo) , Terry Lynn ( Kingston Logic 2.0), and  Terri Lyne Carrington ( Mosaic), Musical Art QTT, Chicha Libre ( Canibalismo) , Puppini Sisters, Andrews Sisters , Deelite, Box Candy, Take 6 ( One), Chick Corea ( Forever, Chaka is BHAACK!)  Ed Reed, John Roninson ( Whos Is? ), King Sunny Ade remixology, Pipestone Tribute /drum),   Spoken word artist/actioneeer  Dante Clark .. and some MOJOCAJON …

that last recommendation is a start-up workshop making some remarkable cajones  .. Percussionists! take a peek and a listen ! I contacted MojoCajonero  William Bell .. and asked permission to employ their You Tube audio for station segue-ways and flava .. he agreed !    I think you will also .. get a feva fo tha flava ..

Spending a good part of this Spring break prepping our 14th annual worldOnefestival .. you can find fest details on our reconstructing website www.worldoneradio.org .. and you are invited .. to tune in, wherever you may be .. and maybe plan to shake your beauty with us in July !     Best and BlessUP !   = : ) ~

VIPS : please DO share links to beautiful + uplifting events, artists, sites,  You Tubes .. like the clouds of starlings-in-Scotland , or favorite flash mobs, anything that is not mobwives-zombies-10,0oo way to die …     life and genuinely social media can certainly provide us with 10 zillion ways to LIVE !