Thank You Village…together we struck a onederful Chime in spiraling space and flowering time ..

Volunteer here 


Wre Are Circling .. Circling Together .. please see festival page for Musical links and Main Stage Schedule  ..

Sign UP to volunteer NOW .. via ivolunteer~ Callin’ All Hearts + Hands !  to Lift and Share the GOODVIBES.. the Community GiFT …  it’ll be GRAND!  

If You Pleases and Thank yous for your kind cooperation:

~ Low back chairs ONLY in the infield. Please respect sightlines. 

~ ADA (Blue Badge) tent midfield, beside sound tent . HI FI !  Bring a personal chair.

~ Personal Umbrellas / Tents, high back chairs Beside or Behind plane of Sound tent ONLY. 

~ Personal blankets size limit please 5′ X  7′ 

~ Certified Service dogs only, doggie~vested. 

~ YES! Bicycle parking available.

~ Bring a personal water bottle to refill at fill station. Shade hat and sun protection recommended

~ Ample free suburban neighborhood street parking.

~ Ride sharing and public transportation encouraged.  

~ Games and rides ( with City event wristband ). 

~ Food Court .. glocal summer yumminess. MMMmmmm.

~ Glocal Arts and Artisans .. bring some fun money !  

Please plan to arrive early for :

Lucien Balmer and Spruce Ritual  11 : 00 AM 

Laurie Lewis         @  1 2 : 30  PM

The Big Takeover @    2 :  00 

Orchestra Gold     @    3 : 40

Djs Jose Ruiz Mondo Muzik + Gregg McViccar Undercurrents + MCdj worldOnelove too ! 

Vendors please apply here 

Sponsor opportunities here

Thank you One in All in One for your Arts and L O V E !


Spring ~ Summer UPdate  

worldOneradio® PERSONAL playlist shares are lately published weeklyish via Spotify.

To assuage Community and my own Grief, calm consternation, and to kindle Sparks of Renaissance..

We’ve staged scores of private Spotify curated worldOneradio playlists, which are emerging and evolving, as I~we shake our particular Beauty and musically infused brainybrainbrain ..  freshly and anew, UP and off the ropeahopes, like a prrro luchador de unsoloamor..  from worldOneheartquarters …

worldOneradio® seems to come up more or less directly when typed into Spotify search bar.

There’s finna be some confusion in Spotify platform, as others have posted similar word combos.. this isht happens, as it has, over decades, since worldOneradio® founding in ’95

BTW ..  Spotify CS cannot yet seem to decide whether we may keep this link posted on the .org.  .. so soak it + socsh it UP !  There are 30 + playlists currently posted. Note : many mixes are @ 10 hours + … all daaay music! 

worldOneradio® may have got bumped off a terrestrial Radio station for a while, … cannah stop, will not de music ..  

More and encore to follow .. let me~we know please, as you find this link, reflections Appreciloved..  via…  

note: worldOne will on occassion be posting playlists via  Xitter  : @cuorezon   /  @worldoneradio  +  instagram :  djworldonelove and FB …  to wit …

worldOneradio®  spotify playlists are identified sequentially like this particular playlist, then change the last digit(s)    :

worldOneradio® ~ spl # 

to help you unwind ya mind.. and mind your s o u l ..  s p a c i o u s g r a c i o u s

worldOneradio® ~ Contemplative  spl 1 

worldOneradio® ~ Contemplative spl 2  

Sooo… many of we rather oneloved the erstwhile FM holism ~ 27 years simmering melange of musicalities, messages, listener comments, poetries, student voices and curations , perspectives, interviews, socials and the stuff of public radio  .. a mi tambien !.. these personal spotify playlists are NOT that..  just intastella acapella music mixes... which will be a relief for some, who otherwise found dj~pd~morning host worldOnelove’s metapopflibbrityjibberwishin and a hopin’ and a thinkin’ and a prayin’ just a bit tooo much? ( including some administrators) … oh! wellol ? .. BlessedBeALLAWE…

BTW :  26th annual worldOnefestival is green + glow for July 2024..

Artists are reconfirmed .. Circle your calendars, warm up your kokobop… and everybody getcha tape decks ready ! 

BTB : 

Intro~educing ..worldOnelove Amorista wear .. to DeclWear Your Love Upon our World. In the way you do what you do in your tiny canoe ... what the world needs now is love sweet worldOnelove. Speaking in words of many vivid colors… balms bursting in air ..

George Harris~demonstration beside Pentagon ’67
Jan Rose KASMIR, demonstration outside Pentagon 1967.

WOWZA ! Village !   Watta BOOMShakalakaboomBLOOM All Together ..

Hiya Fiyaworks … Beautiful Community Peeps + Beautiful Weather .. 

All the Hands + Hearts + Smiles + Lyrics + Hips …. CoCreating Combining…

SunFlowerPower Sun + ALLAWE … Shining Women Shining Man Shining Children ShiningX+.. 

It takes a Village, it took the Whole Village to Lift it and Shape it into the Feeling + Colorfuilled Flapflapflaping …and we shimmy shimmy~shook Our Village !   Well done ! well dOne ! Upwelled One!

Reminding we of who we truly wish to be as a Nation among Nations … All Americans

Glocal Citizens ~ Matriots … Double Rainbow all the wayyy ..  Intergen Eclectic Electrical Syncretic Collective   First Nations + Immigrations ! All Our Relations … U.S.ALL

GRATEFUL …. Best Wishes Broadcast ~ New Seeds Sown , , , , , , ,

HeartMinds Opened  ..  Sweat is the Best Perfume … Domes Blown ..

Thank you One in All In One … Aloha kakou..

Amen! Ache! Aho! Aho! Aho!

Fletcher Oaks’ first batchofotos here:

and a next batch here, natch! ….


Its sssoooo Gooood … Healing ~ Joyful  feeling …that we are Blossoming again socially , coming out and outer,  in our Communities with Celebrations throughout the rolling year …   especially in the Sum mer time when the weather is fine … you can reach right up and touch the sky ..

May the rumors and conditions of Peace + Love … regaled in Color + Texture + Taste + Fragrance + Flavor ~ Musiculturaque Cura  resouond all around our towns … Ring A Ding Ding…  from every promontory, park and around and around all curvaceous slopes ( a vacilarrrr!) … community positive vibrations to uplift our Peeps .. indeed our Nation .. U.S.ALL in LuZAmoR+ViBraBueNa …. 

H a p p y  S u m m e r i n g s ..    

= : ) ~ +  {  : * 


Here it comes… Cerrito Vista Park …

with the beatbeatbeat of our hearts + kultimulchural arts.. + you~me~we

Hey Hey ! we are worldOne, and people say we funki~around .. but were too busy

Iorana!iriebugalugaluin’ to put anybody down.

E KOMO MAI .. Bienvenidos …  Time Shake our Beauty !

Under a summer SunFlower DreamPower Sun !  EVERY ONE…  freely presented … intergen + familes~embracing, for colorfull~colors~filled we the peeps  .. games and rides  .. food court … Be bathed in the Good Good Vibes … for First Nations + All Immigrations+ U.S.ALL + Our Nation Among Nations  … Positive Vibrations Yeah ….Could We Be LOVE?  ~ Que si ! worldOnelove AMORISTAS !

Red V Blue got we on the edg  e …  we intend to blend and call into deep purple, and Living CoCreative Rainbow on through …TRUE ..with musicultura que cura kindled~cast with  :

Raye Zaragoza 


Rusty Zinn


Djs Jose Ruiz Mondo Muzik + Gregg McViccar Undercurrents + MCdj worldOnelove too ! 

Sign UP to volunteer NOW .. via ivolunteer ~ Callin’ All Hearts + Hands !  to Lift and Share the GOODVIBES.. the Community GiFT …  it’ll be GRAND!  

Love is but a song we singFear’s the way we dieYou can make the mountains ringOr make the angels cryThough the bird is on the wingAnd you may not know why
Come on, people nowSmile on your brotherEverybody get togetherTry to love one another right now ..
Some may come and some may goHe will surely passWhen the one that left us hereReturns for us at lastWe are but a moment’s sunlightFading in the grass ..
If you hear the song I singYou will understand, listenYou hold the key to love and fearAll in your trembling handJust one key unlocks them bothIt’s there at your command

Come on People Now..

Smile on your Brother

Everybody  Get Together

Got to LoveOneAnother Right Now   (The Youngbloods) 

HeyaHey ! Aaaaaaaaa! Everybody WorldOne .. Smile … Be Happy … AhoAhoAho!


May ’23 … stream will be down for a spell .. and if you need just a leetle taaaste ….

Rise + Shine it and AllDayMusicalities are UP via soundcloud, 80 min. mixes :

AND this just in .. Dear Friend + Double RainBromano JJ just digged + shared this resource for allawe … 

PLENTY worldOneradio LuZAMor+ViBraBueNA available yet, while en exilio, via Internet archives ?!!!Heya Hey ! ~ Shaka Lani and Ha~chacha.. 


The 10,000 or so files are @15 min. each, of the holism of the radio station across many recent years…  represents @ 2,500 hours of delicious retrofutureroots ~ psysocioemoecomusicultura worldOne cellective Listening.

I mice elf am only beginning to digg in to this material.. and feel happily bewildered by it!  Note; the files jump from time to time… so there are some rough cut juxtas…. nonetheless the gestalt is palbably and enjoyably present.. WOOW..

 THANK YOU Internet Archive! 

About the Internet Archive

The Internet Archive, a 501(c)(3) non-profit, is building a digital library of Internet sites and other cultural artifacts in digital form. Like a paper library, we provide free access to researchers, historians, scholars, people with print disabilities, and the general public. Our mission is to provide Universal Access to All Knowledge.

We began in 1996 by archiving the Internet itself, a medium that was just beginning to grow in use. Like newspapers, the content published on the web was ephemeral – but unlike newspapers, no one was saving it. Today we have 26+ years of web history accessible through the Wayback Machine and we work with 1,000+ library and other partners through our Archive-It program to identify important web pages.


YES ! worldOnefestival 2023 is Rising again..  otra! otra ! hana hou  !

E komo mai … plenty starry eyed and eared delights and suprizes!

Details to be announced shortly~ish.. liberate~ly …on purplish !





From the West

to the                                                                                  East~a

worldOnelove ~ BALMbadier
Chiming antidote tones + rhymes
in the Belly of the Beast~a..
Now SoulFlower Power Original NeoG~

Bourne Upon the Pulse of this Bright Blessed Day Dawning Before We ..


Wrapped in Velvety Dark Sacred Spangled Midnight Clear 

To do~be whateva you do~be to Truly BeYouBE
Through your particular Sciences Technologies Arts Engineerings + Mathematics
To STEAM up your glocal zone with more PragMystical and PragMagics…

As the triple~talked path

upon which we are Grievously Misled

Got us G~inWe 

doubtin’, shrinkin’, duckin’, bawlin’.. 

Everthemore daily T r a g i c.

More than Time to Rise + Shine…
Positive Vibrational InterGenerational
CoCreational in G~
We the glocal PeoplovPeacEcoPowerUnity
C’mon People Now

Let’s Get Together 
Feel Fine
In Spiraling Space +Flowering Time ~

YES ! …. in case you are ONEderin..

rolling with any obstacular rearrange or estrangements

25th annual worldOnefestival is Dreaming OUT LOUD

Approved + Rising in Cerritmo Vista Park July 3~4 2023

E Komo Mai .. 

Oh!  My ! do we need your Hearts, Hands, Help to LIFT ! 

and direct support to City Festival Fundraising…

watch for updated  iVOLUNTEER portal link, and City of El Cerrito Fest links, for vending and/or donating.

and keep an i~n~eye out for  the introduction of worldOneamorista philitary wear, amorflage, omniforms … DiY free~spirited open ended syncretic~eclectic disarmy garb in full production.. will shout! when gear is All Star All stR i p e ... and Yes, you’ll find amorflage at fest. Live + Show Your Love Overt! Agents .. C’mon getchyoselfsome.. strikly hand~remade and heart~reimxed Best !

Well, Are You? HU~RAAY ! Could you be ? in  what growing ways and dimensions could  you~me~we Be yet More AMOR InIversALL.

Some may say you’re a Dreamer .. though you’re not the only one.. 

That's me in the picture: Jan Rose Kasmir at an anti-Vietnam ...


Broken Mantreat

Broken Plan.

roiling iterating daze, delusion, confusion… Ay ! de we !

our healing, from within, and outer salvation..

to Press Pause …R e s t,  R E S E T ….

Respect~Revere, Restore …

thus Our Human Restoration … from the Flowering Heart of CoCreation …

Revival~Thrival ~ Resilience …

in turn …turn.. returning …

Brilliance Reflecting … MasterPlan

Riding in the Hand of the Great Hand … All Our Relations … Realating…

wheels and cycles within wheels and cycles, ad within so without, as above sop below ..

OneLove, feeding each other, caretaking Our Land, that which Feeds, not greeds we … is the only Real ….

In Praise…. Love Compassion and Honor..

Shining Women~Shining Children~Shining Man


Welcome ! each one in ALL in ONE ..  Let’s get together and feel alright ! in our 24th annual worldOnefestival, blossoming again after 2 summers of public health hiatus.

Freely presented, in grassy tree-lined Cerrito Vista Park .. bring low back chairs, blankets .. ( we love poochies, though, sorry,  only service dogs in park) . Free street parking.       

Sunday July 3 :   5 P – 7 P 

 djworldOnelove   ALLAWE A~Go~Go ~  Shake Your Beauty with Karma Smart ! …  

July 4  : 11 A – 5 P

Quartet San Francisco  

The QSF journey into the future of chamber music is nearing the end of its second decade, and the group’s passion for playing the musical styles that bring them joy still inspires them. As musicians they stand on the shoulders of their 16th-century predecessors, who introduced their instruments to the western world.

Fast forward three hundred years … QSF’s eclecticism embraces the spirit of our time and continues the journey into the chamber music of the 21st century.


AZA unites traditional Tamazight (Berber) music, indigenous to the Atlas Mountains of Morocco, with the global influences of its diverse members. Evocative of Saharan-African blues, yet with an original style that truly defies categorization, AZA’s stirring performances feature deep, danceable rhythms, intricate string melodies, and soaring, soulful vocals. Visually dynamic and engaging performers, AZA has been inspiring international audiences for nearly ten years.

Jubba White 

“Music is a universal language, and Reggae, as a genre represents so much of what we are facing globally.” Jubba White/White Stone Productions…

Many artists grow their talent as young adults. Jubba White entered the world banging on kitchen pots and exercising his dynamic lungs at three years old. Born in the rural area of May Pen, Clarendon (Jamaica), Jubba learned to sing and play drums in church, where his mother was a foundation member and sang in the choir…

“I love working with unique sounds and blending voices. My friends and colleagues are from across the globe and music is my favorite way to bring them together.”

Luv Phenomena 

The emcee. Powered by community past, present and future, Chris Burger  sees the role, responsibility and life of the lyricist to empower and enlighten. “Music is a gift and in order to bask in its beauty, we must cherish and nurture it, then give it away”.

With over 13 releases, 1300 live shows across the nation and international, CB’s modus operandi is the organic interplay of live musicianship with the lyricist. “There’s a beautiful conception of auditory healing when the rhythm, melody, and vocal tone come together and meld into one sensual serum”. Music is life in all its pain beauty and hope.

The Luv Phenomena is the 1st volume in a series that combines the strength of this emcee- sense of community as power- and his knack for wordplay and vocalastics. “I’m a student of the golden era of HipHop and those of us of that era know that we stand on great shoulders of the past, folks that have died for us to have the opportunity to speak, we have a responsibility to respectfully carry this legacy for future generations, and we get to have the time of our lives doing it”.

Dj Jose Ruiz  + DJ Gregg McViccar +  MC worldOnelove 

Batala SF ~ SambaReggeaCarnaval 


Calling all Volunteers, it takes a village of hearts + hands ya hear? !   Sign up here :


Spring~a~ding~ding UPdate~ 

Welcome One and All.
Plans are underway to Rise like a Phoenix …and bring worldOne festival 2022 back to Cerrito Vista Park on July 4th.
Its finna take a Village … will you help it Rise with us?!
We are all pitching in to bring back July 4th to our beloved community.  Direct donations to the City fiduciary are warmly invited and NECESSARY to keep this event FREE to our public.  Given the several years the City and all-a-we have endured, please donate what you can. We understand that times have been tough and rough, and we will make a little go a long way. While, a lot will go a whole lot further … every bit o’ la plata helps and matters!
WRITE to we IF you’d like to volunteer!!
We’ll be setting up our iVolunteer sign up portal in May!
4th of July Logo-1


The City of El Cerrito is planning for the return of the City of El Cerrito worldOne July 4th Festival this summer and we need your help! Please consider donating or sponsoring the event.

A website has been set-up for individual donations here.

Sponsorship information for companies, organizations or individuals can be found here.

Vendor (Non-Food) application registration is open and can be found here.

Please contact the City of El Cerrito Rec Dept here for more information.

For Food Booth inquiries, email here for more information.

LONG TIME … relatively speaking ..
E komo mai Kauaianos vis a vis beloved KKCR   .. Good Morning Good ! Aloha kakhiaka + kuuukuuuruukuuuu !
and of course ! all kanaka maoli, uluwehi, relations, brrds bees, flora, trees and wily singsong Shama too … 

worldOnefestival Rising Again, ’22 ..

ON! City of El Cerrito calendar July 4

A  L  L  S  T  A R  A  L  L  R  I  G  H  T ..

We’ll be sharing details for fest community crowd fundraising ( City of El Cerrito, fiduciary), and of course, our fest constellation,  for the return of this precious celebration, on~air and here.  
ALLAWE  maturing, ripening , turning turning turning with each season gettin’ “older” ~ rings of our trees
flowing “down”~river
actually, roundnround
and perhaps y’all know ..
Corazon endured quite a blow …
via a vis
and TLC of Beloved Debra Sue `,  ya know 
so and thus we need y’all to commit
+ recruit Youtdem, + our Friendly associations
to our volunteer collab + cocreate festival GLOW ..
Sweat is the BEST perfume  .. its gonna take a village …
If you please,  ‘e ‘olu ‘olu, s’il vous plait ...standby for more and encore ..
while we wish you a
GivingThanks ISmas ALLAWE ..
OneLove ISness
IS~ought Be
Our Essesential business
Double RainBrrros and SytheSiStars
Ras, Stars, ALL ..
Wax On Resilience + inclusive LOVE +Po si tiv it y
Wax OFF negativieseparatismschism,
any othering
any hatered,
or stuporidity ..
as there but for the Grace of …
Walk in Beauty
Walk in Rthythm
Walk Breathe~Touch~Smell~Taste~See~Listen
in the field of what IS 
Self Evident 
Presence + Emanation
Holding~Animating ALLAWE  ..
Blesseeds Be …
= ; ) ~ 
As we’ve entered Native Heritage Month, and engage our sociocultural collective holidays  .. amidst the Great Correction
we wish you ever greater consciousness of the Great Gift
Bright Blessed Days and Dark Sacred Nights  .. throughout the rolling year ..
May you be Aware
on the Shimmering + Glorious Pulsation
Every Midnight and Midday Clear..
Ya Hear  ! 


= : ) ~


Dear Radio Escuchas .. 

In consideration of seasonal giving … goodness knows we know how tight , lean or mean econ can be …  please consider, and donate, doin’ what you can do in your tiny canoe to help little keCg on its way… calling all po’lanthopists and philanthropists .

Digital donations can be received through this El Cerrito HS PayPal portal   ( tiny url ) .  YAAY !   If you choose, you may elect a monthly , repeating support option. 

We have a new donation account pathway through ECHS Student Activity Fund: 

Checks payable to :

“El Cerrito Student Activity Fund”

memo line note ( ESSENTIAL )  : “KeCg Public Radio”  

El Cerrito Student Activity Fund

PO Box 2376

El Cerrito, CA  94530

Please feel warmly invited to to contact Corey with any donation/sponsorship queries:

Additionally, several innovative listeners have had success in setting up KeCg as a Vendor in their personal bank’s Bill Pay account.
UPdate :  July 4, 2021 ~  SUNday ~  11 A – 3 P  
EVRYBODi GETCHAbOOMbOX READi !!! U.S.ALL 88.1 FM AttuneIN ..   Cerrito Vista Park … redwhitebluerainbow celebration …
po si tive vibration .. flex our sixpack glocal citizenship + smile shimmy wiggle giggle wiggle wobble Shake OUR Beauty … it’s our duty !
SunMusicFlowerDreamPower …
Can’t attend in 3D?  ..  vibzUP via :

worldOneloves….  Dear RadioEscuchas.. SyntheSiStars + Double Rainbrrros..  worldOne festival 2021 will again hiatus due to public health precautions and protocols. Last summer we implemented a flash parade ~ carnaval procession around the theme USALL …  We are insploring ways to make a safely distanced 3D  joyful noise, nonetheless and all the more .. let’s see what this Spring~Summer Tides + Times have in store .. will holla .. in the meanwhile .. HALO ..  Keep Healthy + Cultivate your Joy ..  Supple + Resilient + Relational ..Po si tive Vibrational ..

LuZAMor+ViBRaBueNa  … = ; ) ~


Jan 20 2021 ~ A BIG Day here in the U.S.A … Inaugurations … Rays of Compassion + Hope + Inspiration + Action …  more than time fors ALLAWE to dig deep dig..  po si tive vibration yeah… and raise a rallying call in All American Dreamers Hearts + Minds …

As we wish upon our seasonal Stars .. we wish you well wherever you are , from our deepest Wishing WELL …

We could gather in seasonal Open House, nor our extended familie homes, as we customarily have, and appropriately so due to diligent health precaution and preventatives.

Nonetheless and all the more … we extend our Warmth and Best Wishes for GivingThanksGiving each and every Bright Blessed Day, Soulful Living and refreshed Spirit, deep within ourselves and La Tierra~ Gaia of which we are a part, amidst and Among All Our Relations ….. throughout the rolling year ….

Please take good care of yourself and each other as any winds blow free.. you belong in Great Sprit and with ALLAWE ..  Resilient, Relational, Generous , Kind .. as we all seek the Quingdom and find other kind who has been in search of we  .. Stay Supple, Forgive .. LIVE + LET LIVE ..

Happy ReNew Year !   and Happy New Day = : ) ~


S’il vous plait… In your seasonal giving … goodness knows we know how tight , lean or mean econ can be …  please consider, and donate, doin what you can do in your tinay canoe to help little keCg on its way… calling all po’lanthopists and philanthropists . My Funding Pal is no more, alas.

We have to rely on direct listner donations until District figures out an acceptable digital portal( sorry for any arrgh) .

Checks payable to : “Public Radio keCg”

c/o El Cerrito High School

Suite B200

540 Ashbury Ave.

El Cerrito, CA 9 4 5 3 0

Please feel warmly invited to to contact Corey with any donation/sponsorship queries:

July 3 + 4 Attune~in  :   DIY worldOne BOOMBOXBUBBLE festival   

Good Morning Good Good Evening Good  DearRadio escuchas ..

Where in this beautiful world are you ?

This just in to the worldOnemuse room..

 You are cordially invited to a  worldOne keCg July 3+4 attune in .. In lieu of 3D festival .. lo sentimos ….    

We’ll be kicking evolving America in the Remix grooves the evening of July 3 and allday july 4 .. let’s see , shall we , what this specially curated mixology has in store ! 

DIY   … BYO  …   bring your ONE  in your worldOne yardcorps Frambubble  ..Caravan of worldOneRrrradio  

Rallying around a summertime sunflowerpower chime …First Nations All Immigrations USALL Our Relations 

More that time for ALLAWE to see HOW TRULY GREAT we can truly be Shining Stars for we to see  ….Oh Say Can you see ?Strong Smart + Bold  Ladies Liberty ..     Brave+ Kind Brothers   ..

Hermanx !   you’re a higher firework ! ALLAWE .. evolutin revolution hootin  tootin  boom  clackin  round  dancin’  maraca  shakin’ 

ALL AMERICANs DREAM OUT LOUD machine .. dabbin’ skankin’ line dancin’ and prancin’ …  Amoristas.. Amorilleros   .. Shakin Our Beauty !

B a l m s Bursting On~air ..

So.. if you please ….si le plazca ….si’l vous .. we mustn’t insist, though we’d like to to enlistya .. and invite you to social media-share our keCg worldOnelove  July 3 + 4 BOOmBOxin’ attune~in ..  via 88.1 or 97.7 FMs glocally or via your smartphone or ‘puter .. 


Heart to heart eye to eye …shoulder to shoulder taking a wounded knee .. knees and STANDING like a Tree down my the river ..Marching along singing the same song  in the Key of Love  Justice Joy Peace  Hope Happiness ..

Standing Like a Rock … Indeed we gotta rock before we are rocks ..YOU + ME + WE ..  

 worldOne worldsoultrain climb aboard with this likkle radio station.. 

Born to be lively and uplift all peeps, intergen, all nation to higher vibration.. Higher ground~seeking + found through this double rainbow all the way radio station ..Clarion to Carry On ..

Keep safe …Practice prudent preventatives …Stay supple, resilient, relational + positive vibrational  …

worldOneradio MasterBlaster … help ameliorate heal … brother + Wise…  avert any further disaster … Help we open our hearts minds + eyes .. Starry eyed surprise..

What was hidden , obscurated, pontificated, politicized  .. We alas,  mesmerized .. 

Paradise and everything we need here on spaceship earth…Right before our uncovered eyes.. INI on the natural and mystic first things first …pragmagical thirdeye  extraordinary everyday  Prize ..   

Attune~In DIT festival musicalities 

On July 3,  3p – 6p 

and again 

all day 10 A – 6 P  July 4th .. 

More surprises and delights the way as we seed and cultivate a better and brighter day .. keep an ear and an eye on worldOne facebook page .. 

Thanks for doing everything you can do in your tiny canoe .. 

Through every season and reason of joys n pains, sunshines n 

In everything you think, do and say …

 it’s gonna take ALLAWE … 

And thank you for your direct support of Public radio keCg 

WE the peeps are the public in public radio, agreed? 

In summer fundraising N O W .. asap please ?, 

In consideration of sesonal giving  … goodness knows we know how tight , lean or mean econ can be …  please consider, and donate, doin what you can do in your tinay canoe to help little keCg on its way… calling all po’lanthopists and philanthropists . My Funding Pal is no more, alas.

We have to rely on direct listner donations until District figures out an acceptable digital portal( sorry for any arrgh) .

Checks payable to : “Public Radio keCg”

c/o El Cerrito High School

Suite B200

540 Ashbury Ave.

El Cerrito, CA  94530

Please feel warmly invited to to contact Corey with any donation/sponsorship queries:

 Gracias .. Mahalo, domo arigato, shukria , xie xie,  merci ..


Good Morning Good Evening Good.. 

Where are you Dear Radioescuchas ?
Safe work + distanced socializing and recreation, please.
Go easy as you can while we insplore new creativities 
and stay
Resilient, Relational, Supple, +  Positive Vibrational. 
Especially in these times of Poignant turmoil, seemingly arising from virtually every direction, disease without and within;
all of we shaken in seismic eruption of volcanic overt and institutional racism-schisms : colliding with with protests resounding Civic  Alarm nearby and afar meeting shields, batons, upsidedown bible photo props, misleadership/disinformation, rubber bullets, tear gas, roiling unrest and anger washes across streets and screens. Too, deep currents upwelling to Positive Action, Speaking of Compassion + Resolute ReEnvisioning of our commonwealth and commonself. .
Particularly for we, glocally, we “Americans” in our particular remix (we respectfully acknowledge our South, Central and yet more and distinct Northerly Americans, and Indigenous pre-colonial “Americas”). Indeed, we see.. this is a Time of Great Correction.  
We See, again and starkly, we are now c o m p e l l e d, urgently, violently, to confront that which is hidden. 
Three Evils articulated by M L K blighting our culture, Poverty, War , and Racism; its malignant roots, its ignorance, bitterness, profanity, endarkened unconscious social psychology, twisted institutional expressions and propagation, our fragility and denial. The entangling~choking vine of racism, perhaps now more than ever revealed in a way wherein, We The People, ALL THE PEOPLE, for All the People,  will will find our way to finally, weepingly, utterly~openly, resolutely uproot-eradicate-transmute this “disease unto death” ..  deliberately, step by step, hour by hour, surrendered in our Heart of Hearts to courageously face our history and realities, towards our collective Healing, Redemption, Reconciliation and Vitality as a true First Nations All Immigrations All Americans syncretic multiculture.
Yes, Say Their Names. Pray Their Names. The names of those of We, lost to oppression and violence recently and through the searing long arc of the sinister side of our dark U.S. American History, those announced in bewildering headlines these weeks and those all those otherwise obscured by the passage time or our distracted attention, our twistory .
If We The People are indeed a People, if we are indeed the All Americans Dreamers we believe we to be, then this is our crossroads, our collective crisis, our Opportunity, our intergenerational ALL of WE TIME to take a knee, drop to our knees together, humbly, tearfully… search for and find our strength, our soul force, resolve to do the Work, be better, different, Renewed and Disabused, profoundly Shaken and Awakened, motivated and resolute to  R I S E  T O G E T H E R .. heart to heart, eye to eye, hand to hand, soul to soul and join the caravan. Willing to be still in our quaking Grief, Our Loss, being dissolved ….. storm tossed .. and then m o v i n g with the energy ( some will certainly be sorely tempted to rage and destruction) , Purified, Transformed and directed toward Compassion, into our Responsibility and omnidirectional Action ..  Joyful in Hope that Works and Prays and Sweats, and Sacrifices, Patient in Tribulation.. each of we doing what we can do in our tiny canoe. All of we co~creating a mighty, uncontainable current of revolution~evolutionary sociological and spiritual change.   ..
We All have received The Gift, we All have a capacity to Love and to Lift ..  to Live in our Radiant Hearts…  
To Speak in Feathers of Many Vivid Colors (Gracias, Martin) ..
To Be LOVE (Appreciilove, Robert Nesta)
Our 2020 worldOnefestival celebration is in public health hiatus, we along with uncountable musicultural and fair gatherings through an indeterminable and long season of malaise.  Celebrations are important social -emotional community affirmations. We shall miss all of them through this season. the colors, textures aromas, joys, lines of shiny, happy people, dancing, feasting, celebrating the best of we, the life of the land~ the Aina, She, agriculture, and animals, all beneath Father Sky, wonders and signs, and the winged singing pealing or wind~ing watchers from on high..
For our part, given that 3D gathering is impractical, invite you to create your own festival frambubble, perhaps connected with worldOneradio for part of your July 3+4 gathering. 
If you please, while holding and being with all our grief, angst, uncertainty, stressures conscious and unconscious.. herewith,a chime, a clarion call to hope and reflect, to connect and act, to kindle and share … your aspiration for a better and brighter America in the Remix,  D a w n i n g .. o n the Pulse of this New Day ..we have crouched too long in the bruising darkness( Maya, Forever)
For those of we who attune to worldOneradio , you’ll well know the language, context and intention in this image is quilted on~air, in how we practice our daily educational and healing arts. Reflecting and tossed amidst this current maelstrom storm,this trumpest, we feel it’s time, in lieu of the annual festival itself, to dimensionalize in a way folks can perhaps embrace, signal, and be encouraged. We Hope you may kindle to it, and share it at will.    
We expect to place a large banner nearby, which may afford an opportunity to selfies~gather with framily and lock hearts + arms
and send your own signal through your socaling media circles.  Will holla as it is hoisted.  Lawn signs are available locally.  Please let we know if you’d like to support via yardcorps (perhaps purchase your own printed 2-sided, 2′ x 3′ sign, socially-not-emotionally distant in person delivery available nearby, or pickup in Pinole).
We are actively refining a way to strike up the worldOneradio band and make a sunflowerpower joyful noise.
Its gotta be socially health safe and thus wise, Will advise.
Esteemed DoubleRainBros and Synthesistars…. These are those times we heard- tell-about. Every Gen is given a task .. a Great Task and Ask, to more deeply Understand How Great Thou Art, to Attend to The Wisdoms of the Sages throughout the Ages, and Walking Living Guiding we Today .. Riding in the Hand of the Great Hand .. in The Bonds of Great Spirit ..
CMon Now .. People Get Ready 
Great Gen + OK Boomers X Y Milennials and Z  .. 
ALLAWE Rainbow Children of EveryGen .. 
we gotta know when to say NOW 
and when to Say When … 
You Me We The Peeps 
Time To Rise + Shine .. 
and don’t go back to sleep
All Together Now 
Towards a Better and Brighter Day 
ALLAWE in the Remix .. 
Take Heart in the unexpected Breakthroughs 
Rays of Light 
Piercing + Illuminating the Darkness…
for LGBTQ Rights .. and DACA  
On + On
Within + Without We 
1 + 1 + 1 + 1  =  One 
Til the BreakaDawn 
Corey + Debra Sue + worldOneateers framily 
=; ) ~    +  { : *
In Reverence + Respect + Solidarity
All  Aggrieved, Struggling for Social Justice   
All Caring, Seeking, Sharing 
Cultivating Higher Ground 
In lieu of festival , due to public health .. an invitation to rally~round ..

( graphic design, Maria~ Tina Karamanlakis + worldOnelove)

Let we know if you’d like to purchase a  lawn sign! @ 20. ,  or, pickup contact free in Pinole.

keCg will be featuring a specail USALL mixology on the eve of July 3 and allday music July 4 for your frambubble, make your own DIY BYO remote  worldOnefestival.

Tune~in July 3 for a stirring announcement regarding July 4, glocally.

This is our 2020, now 2021 festival calling~ALL card .. collab with Roger + Maria~Tina in Dec-Jan ’20 ..  then what’s happened next …

Image: Roger Sosakete Perkins ( Haudenosaunee~Mohawk) , Maria~Tina Karamalakis ( Hellen~Greek)

All worldOnefestival 2020 Artists had accepted and reconfirmed all invitations … all are re-invited and natural optimistic for  2021 … Ojala !

our bioecological clock id URGING we, in its language of earthwindfirewater+air  that the hours is getting rather late for a very important date ..

our particular human destiny ..   and Could We Be..

Responsive to the messages of our all earthnic sages throughout the ages,

and Alive among we today,   on the pulse of this Bright Blessed Day ..

…  its going to take all of we, in all disciplines, in Grateful and Great actions, smaller and larger, to  deliberately to sow the rumors and conditions of abiding peace, North+South+West+East.. speaking in feathers of many vivid colors, right in the face of,  or in e belly of any beast..


Dear Radio Escuchas,

WCCUSD is is deep turmoil , nearly 50 M in deficit. Cutting programs and renegotiating with labor.

Its going to require all of we to preserve and protect little keCg.

City finds itself in stained 4M deficit straits too, a passage to bring July 4 festival 2020 and now a Covid~challenge to bring 2021  into clear view.

Please consider what you are willing to do, in your particular tiny canoe, through advocacy, letters ~ email, direct donation to festival / City  or District / ECHS keCg, local governance.

These are those days we’ve heard tell about  ..

Please, speak your Peace … Doves Flying From Your Heart …

Support the Arts, Events and Media  which reverberate and lift our Humanities … our Vision for America in the Remix ..

First Nations + All Immigrations .. U.S. All Our Relations ..

Pos i tive Vi bra tions ~

Donate direct to keCg Public Radio today via

A few batches of worldOnefestival 2019 fotos by Flecher Oaks here ..

 keCg Open house CXd  :

 April 18, 11A – 3P  ..

We are Circling We Are Spiraling .. All Together now all Together Here … 

Time to Chime Flowering Time 

Open Hearts + Open Minds + Open Possibilities

540 Ashbury Ave.  El Cerrito, CA  El Cerrito HS + Performing Arts Center

easy free parking, curb your wheels,  wheelchair accessible, ramps from Eureka Street

BTW .. if you love it .. commend and recommend it, friend it, donate, and vote for it !!  

Our Open House Circles are “pot luck” (potlach)  if you like bring, some delectable, savory or healthful yummy sweet to share ..and yes! tella friend and bring a friend to meet + greet .. mingle, remember, giggle, even tingle !

More details to follow as we learn who will be in studio and suite with us on that date..

By the way .. if the PLAY app/button is at all recalcitrant .. here’s a live stream connect .

worldOneradio + festival  is about … 

musicalities in the key of LuZ + AMoR + ViBRa Buena  … globalmetapopjazreggaelovefolkindigenousfunklore fusion … 

worldOne radio+festival is a labor of love daily + nightly, all-star all-rightly … in Flowering Time and Gracious Spaciousness … constellating, realizing from a deep and evolving dream … from a particular point of you … me too.

musicalites for all earthnicities … gathering musicultura + notions from the four corners … for peoplovpeacecopowerunity in OneLoveGalore!

glocal kultimultural roots, views and musical froots to accompany your Bright Blessed Days and Dark Sacred Nights … swirls and upwelling of sound, color, texture, timber, rhythms  … connecting the dots … All our Relations.

our Intention: to uplift, reveal, edjujucate, restore, recreate, cultivate + heal, Be Whole  … gathering the best of us, eclectic syncretic for the rest of us, intergenerational positivevibrational .

Our Thanks and Appreciation to Journalist Tony Glaros and The Monthly for this (November 2018) featured article :

 worldOnefestival 2019 … an AMAZING DAY Together under the sun !  Gracias a La Vida ! 

We’ll be quite pleased to Circle + Spiral … and do some Dancin’ and a’ Prancin’ with y’all,  family and friends … in a positive vibrations, all generations, celebration of U.S.ALL Our Relations !   That’s how we do it round the ol’ worldOneradio corral … Lets talk about livin’ … whoopin’ and hoppin’ and boppin’ and alovelovey dovin’ …. e como mai ! = ; ) ~