Blesstival and Restival ..

Thank you … Gracias a La Vida .. que nos ha dado tanto .. sparkling waters, sparkling cosmos, and sparkling eyes technique for realzies ..all Artists, Volunteers, City, Sponsors, beloved CoPro Debra Sue, Dj Doug Wendt in His International Hut of LOVDuB, Creatrixes Maria-Tina and Cordelia…   we wrung ourselves out and shook our beauty …

Please enjoy a seeing cruise reprise through the sparkling eyes of Fletcher Oakes ..

please feel free to contact Fletcher directly via

encore! a sparkling eyes triptych follows ..

cordelia with kaliedoscope eyes

and Michael Roman …

michael roman and corey in the red gold and green worldOne radeo corral

allya’ll worldOnlovs … domes blown, seeds sown ..Now that was some festival, wuddnit ?

Lotsa worldOne freshtival fotos uploaded @

Thanks ALL … City of El Cerrito, Honda of El Cerrito, the Natural Grocery Company and like-minded sponsors …foodies, artisans and musical and dance artists Calafia, PC Munoz, Gamelan Sekar Jaya, Elijah Rock, Earth Amplified, Tito y su son de Cuba, and Dhol Rhythms ..  Feelin it ? Support it !   What the heck .. write a check! worldOnelove’s in need of love today …  send your love in right way …please help us maintain and grow …  don’tchaknow … it takes a village…

donations welcomed at keCg 540 ashbury avenue el cerrito cali 94530

we’ll send you a receipt for our tax deductible donation to support this cornucopia of sound … and make sure it keeps spinning round and round .. .

right, right, baby round, round …  like a prayer wheel … it is not too early or late to volunteer, ya hear ?

get inna mix with the crew true blue … and we will welcome you …

there’s plenty to plan and doowakkasakkalakka do ! your hands and hearts are welcomed … for specific and general skillz & willingness  .. . front of house, back stage, all year log … so we stay strong ..

live long!  Ola loa … Maka Kiliokilo , say watt?!   Check in via the volunteer tab on

Thank you for the favor of your listening and active support of 88.1 keCg 97.7 public radio … for people of peaceopowerunity … that’s you … that’s me .. free like we want to be ..

Cause you could be – we could be we should be L- O- V- E …  

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festival season in full swing in Northern CaLi ..  we were recently at Far West Fest were we mingled with Nicki / Orgone  and Les Nubiennes  .. gracious good vibz ..

Celia ( Les Nunbiennes) + Corey @ FWF 2012
Scintillating Man @ Temescal/Oak 2012 play>


Dj DiVynil in worldOneHeartQuarters

following weeks of repairs, packing , sewing, recapping, planning .. and some r e s t .. we are heading for  deep R+R retreat … West + North + Yemaja + Ochun + Laka  …  more worldOne musical jambalaya is simmering, always …

wishing you the fullness and joy of summer, happy trails, more soon    … = : ) ~