Inviting Glocal Citizens

one and all … from teens to adults.

Join us in creating worldOne festival!

worldOne festival is staffed by volunteers + community members just like you.

We welcome big hearts, sparkling eyes, skilled hands … plus warm smiles, strong backs, and good team players to help with pre-event field build-out, event day info/sales/backstage booths, post-event breakdown + pre-event promotion, social media, and errands.  

We need you!

We’ll be scheduling volunteer meetings shortly, so please email us here if we can count on your support. We do appreciate if all volunteers can attend, but we’ll still gladly have your help if you can’t come to a meeting!

The meetings will take place: 

Dates:     TBD

Time:      TBD – usually late morning-is

Place:     worldOne heart quarters

                Address: to follow

Please RSVP to let us know you are coming. Gracias.


Sign up almost ready for use …. stay tuned … and DO email us to say “I’m IN! You can count on me!”. 

Sign-up online today –

it’s easy!

Some of our pre-event needs include:

  • Volunteers to flyer local businesses and intersections now thru festival.
  • Volunteers to assist worldOne festival Co-Producers in organizational details, field layout + load-in, errands June 23rd  thru July 4th.

July 3 + 4 Event Needs include  (see volunteer link for specifics):

  • July 3 > from 10 am … sound load-in and sound /production tents prep  
  • July 4 > from 7-10 am .. main stage dress and load-in
  • Backstage performing artist hospitality
  • Festival booth – info/sales/drawing

And when it’s all over and we’ve had our last dance –

  • We need all skilled hands on deck July 4th starting at 6 pm til 9+ pm to breakdown, set, strike, properly pack and store festival hard and soft goods for use next year and leave the park as beautiful as we found it!

Welcome and thank you for collaborating!


Big Ups to our tech volunteers:

Mucho Gracias ~ Ed Vincent, El Cerrito GAUCHO + SF State Alum.  Ed is a brilliant videographer, KeCg/worldOneradio deejay (Radio EdSoft Films), + worldOne festival video archivist. Ed creates our video promos.  For more information, visit

Mille Grazie, Maximille Gonzales, for our website uplift!  Max is an El Cerrito GAUCHO + UCSC SLUG alum, talented photographer, globetrotter, fabulous swimmer and more. For more information, visit