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Aloha …

Just adding these images signaling our return … back in the El Cerrito, CALi saddle … the ol’ worldOneradio corral on San Francisco’s East Bay Rim .. Maruru!  Heiva I Kauai and Manea and Nathan .. the hard working friends and gentlemen pictured here with dj worldOnelove in Kapaa, Kauai… deep mahalos to ALL who shared thier Aloha spirit with us .. we are grateful .. details to follow .. along with all kine musixcology … ( Bruddah Natan get an ever present beaming smile-from-the-heart and a Kauai-shape mole on his chest(hahd to get bote o’ dose!)  I love how our worldOne mandala logo also looks akin to a drum … that brings the good spirit to protect you .. and chase away the bad …so its is said …

Heiva I Kauai 2013

and here’s why we gathered …



an yet more …


and this is how I like my hat to to look and feel, and when I am in this atmoslove ..

makes scents! …. then, thus overwhlemed and spirtis washes and scrubbed clean (mahalo Auntie Angeline’s) …we gather up all the cds, impressions overt and subliminal, audio bits, conversations and mixe a summer sonic hologram …  worldOneradio 08-11-13   kauai shout outs + mahalos

1 The orb Falkenbrock + snowbow Okie dokie Kompact 13
2 Nakai Cody Sarde Enter tribal Enter tribal Canyon 01
3 Tino Corp D-u-b dub Tino’s breaks 5 Tino corp 01
4 Groundation Chant Young tree  Young tree 99
5 Patrick landeza Holo holo kihoalu Slack key huakai Addison st 13
6 Gaby pahinui Lei no ka’iulani Gabby Panini 91
7 Pekelo ….Manawela boy+pauoa liko Ka kekua  piha hauoli Kana kuila 97
8  Toti’s tahitians Te arapo +te ori ori ra Tah drm +dnce v3 Cord intnl
9 Kamakakehau fernandez Mele no kahului Wahi mahalo Indie 2013
 10 Chongolio Sundya splinters Single Soundcloud 13
11 Jack johnson Wherd all the good people go In between dreams Brushfire 05
12 Chongolio Crazy talk Single Soundcloud 13
13 Fat freddy’s drop Roady + wandering eye Based on  true story Kartel 05
14 Mystic roots band Tonight Camp fire Stay postv 13
15 Harptones Life is but a dream The ultimate  53-61 Jasmine 12
16 Trio garufa Milonga uruguaya rumor de tus tangos Garufa 12
17 Wallflowers Reboot the mission Glad all over Columbia 12

and we re-broadcast what we experienced, to help us remember the Beauty, the blessings of aina the moana, pre-dawn poi-washing, mountain apple~awapuhi whirligigs, pond bathing ( akamai of flash floods) paddling-beneath kala and mahina, enthralled-double-anuenue-all-the-way, fly-by hahalua, and honu and mano (yiikes!), the frienships and the work  …

 LiveAlohaLive …  shoot the fader …  bump the meter … shake the tweeter .. bump it well well welll press play > = : ) ~ 

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