Oxalis in worldOnederland!

The Hills Are Alive ..with the sound of boom bop (Spearhead/ Michael Franti) and yellow mustard grass, lupin, oxalis and .. via worldOneradio mixology …

Orb + Lee Scratch Perry Tracy Bonham George Harrison Napalapalai Arto Lindsay The Orb w David Gilmour Augustus Pablo Cheevers Toppah Stevie Wonder AOMUSIC David Wax Museum Phil Ochs Bobby Womack So Pacific sntrk Francois Couture Byrne + Fatboy Slim Raquel Bitton Bill Evans (Bluegrass) Mocean Worker Los Lobos Hamsa El Din Shayna Dread Game Ghangers John Robinson Les Nubians Bob Marley Manuel Galban Ry Cooder Pimps of Joy Time Jennifer Hudson Tiempo Libre Dixie Chicks Melody Gardot Weather Report Nakai + Clipman John Mc Cord Snoop Lion Seasunz+Jay Bless Herman’s Hermits The Lucid Rays Quebe Sisters Sugarland to hear it all live press play over there, top right !

we love this time of the rolling year .. here on the Bay rim in Northern Cali, the oxalis popped a few weeks back, they stir up a color riot everywhere, now knee-high in our back yard, along with clovers that grow in poodle-sized puffs ..
magnolias and cherry blossoms, camellias, wisterias, now cue the poppies! … bam power flower boom !

color and texture are foods for the eyes .. everyone loves shapes …
everyone loves music( Finley Quaye)
… shapes and colors for the ears, and thus the mind .. where we kre-ate, imaginate …. Imagine that !

Pan is my name .. I live outside your door, I have to keep the score of things around you / my love lives outside my window ( Secret Life of Plants / Stevie Wonder) ….

I am so glad that the seasons recur, changing, extending and retreating.. like we live again and again, every day, the tide of consciousness rolls out like the dawn and then retreats ….and we retract back back back into our unconscious mind .. dreaming .. integrating …. Higher and deeper and wider understandings of the gift .. our gift its all a GIFT … all that is appropriate is a gigantic daily THANK YOU from our hearts …


www.SnowCrystals.com was created by Kenneth G. Libbrecht, Caltech

sweet tomorrow morning burstin with the dawn ( Al Jarreau)

so why do we fzuk with IT … H E R, and confuse or abuse creation, ourselves, each other, so much ?

the strongest force in our human nature, is thought … so called bad, good, and everything in between ..

so .. we need proper education .. no, not factoried,institutionalized, blandished, partitioned, linear, analytical, rehash that passes for modern education …

we need to e d u c e .. drawing out the invisible to the visible … and connecting the embodied soul, whilst on the earthtop (desktop) to its source in deep inner-outer s p a c i o u s n e s s (ku) .. the imagination engine … through richly informative ex + insperiences ..

some things need to be believed to be seen ..

the “old gods” are as real as anything .. echoed and created … we are superorganic imagination engines, we are not gadgets .. we are not commodities, except in the eyes of crass commercialism ..

Zac Rodgers/ kingspook.com

Law of Ma’at

God needs you in order to come into the world. Fulfilling God’s need is the highest act of love, and only through your love for God can you fulfill your love for others. Become the Love of God in the world for the protection of the world. http://www.aasorlando.org/11laws.htm
drawing by Zac Rodgers/ www.kingspook.com

it’s your avatar … what will you do, give, learn, accomplish through it, this day ?

Don’t let them change you, or even rearrange you … Could you be love ( Bob Marley)