Our terrestrial mailing address is :



2632 Appaloosa Trail 

Pinole , CA  94564 



Listeners : Digging for a song? Please note the time and date of selections, vocals, and any hooks, instrumentations, tempo, or arrangement details. We’ll do our best to connect you! Shazam and Soundhound are often handy tools for smartphone users.

    • Ensembles: we welcome cd submissions

    • Dj’s : aspiring global dj peopleovpeacecopower worldOne contributors, short eclectic sets welcomed:

    • 3 – 6 blended tracks.

      Please include pre-or back-announce of titles, sources, and contact references.

    • Please feel free to reach out for any additional inquiries.

Dear Radio Escuchas ..  if you find any apps are squirrely ..   here’s a direct link to our radio stream 


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