Mission  +  Intention  +  We Declare !         peoplovpeacecopowerunity

worldOneradio + festival presents a broad cultural palette of eclectic and earthnic musics, dance, ideation, and dialogue in various venues from classrooms to community festivals. We seek to artfully create and present information, art, and technology in edutaining edjujucative ways to promote creative and constructive musiculture, spirit, social engagement, ecology, economy, use of technology, and ultimately, mind + heart.

As a broadcast organization, worldOneradio+festival informs and uplifts its listeners~viewers and collaborators while serving its audience according to the highest purposes of FCC charter, and conscious community building enterprise.

As a not-for-profit enterprise, worldOne collaborates with other non-profits in the presentation of glocal musicultural entertainment and arts in appropriate non-profit venues ans settings.

worldOne inspires personal imagination, curiosity, reflection, responsibility, growth, health, joy, compassion, graciousness, well-being, community, and active glocal citizenship. worldOne links generations, earthnicities, if not species. worldOne sows the conditions and the rumors of peace.

worldOne imagines and believes in the fullness and virtues of Nature, Love, Life-long Education, Arts-informed Sciences + Technologies + Engineering + Mathematics,  Meditation, Contemplation, Perseverance, Rest, Character, Humor, Forgiveness, Sacrifice, Beauty, Knowledge, Philanthropy.  worldOne believes we are all interconnected. We are vulnerable and strong. We need each other to be who we can truly be together. worldOne embraces the Mystery of Life. worldOnelovesoulsoundunity.

You are the Public in Public Radio   .. Public RadiYOU !  Your direct listener support is a vital part of our sustainability.We seem to never miss the water til its gone .. let’s not miss the keCg worldOne musicultral waters !

Open Minds + Open Hearts Open +  Possibilities… 

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