Thank You! Appreciation Mr. Marley and Tuff Gong .. more inna minute …

And Thank you, Salamat ! Mr. We ! for hand carrying seed-dees of Tinikling musics back from Pilipines!


And a Thank you SoleyJah and Working Company for allowing us to premier this Roots video “AftaHurricaine” by Bhy2R…


While keCg Youth Crew, my daily charge, have all kinds of supraG rubadubbermade lov, bOuNce, ran dones  s, NRG, and curiosity … along with broadly self-reflective, admitted generational laziness, distraction and/or procrastination …  arrgh!! +  XOALL! And Just being h u e m a n, adolescing, Earth, Bay Area, WE Day 2014.


Well, whod’a guessed. I suppose it’s more than time … lol !?           Three-beard-April-2014

We have been honored in several recent Recogntions and a Precious conversation: 

–   2013  Contra Costa County AC5 Fine Arts Award (Oct)      

–   unite4good Award  innovation : hero  ( Jan 2014)

–   Hometown Hero  (Feb 2014)  

When we began this worldOneradio+festival Musical Odyssey nearly 20 years ago ( Hey! a musical ! ), with all the elements of a proper Odyssey/Journey .. Corey honestly b e l i e v e d that Listeners, Artists, Sponsors, Soccer Moms, Labels, Industry Executives, Administrators of various stripes would receive our proposal and intention happily and enthusiastically, virtually immediately… it all seemed so fresh, upwelling , present. new and old, musipoetically interesting, eclectic, culturally nuanced, educative, affirming, and natural. That last part? is what apparently has taken nearly 20 years to catch on? amidst all the erstwhile socio-cultural inertia or spasms and deepening clamor, titillation, stroboscopes and weapons of mass distraction, TMI, information-overload of Modern Times, Race Babbling. (Our particular one-more-radio-and-festival-option is certainly one kind of those).

20 years ago was when I had plenty of dark thick braided hair + a strong radio industry resume, and a car/van that was 20 years younger, to boot.  Well y’all know Corey felt compelled to immerse in Public Education, and simultaneously been “declined” by erstwhile industry radio, found a home for worldOneradio in little FM’s 88.1 keCg 97.7,(Thanks Phil, Prentice, Jeanie ) and @10 years subsequent, of course, online. The “Radio Industry” per say, was momentarily piqued, but ultimately unmoved by worldOne overtures, internally reactive and broadly convulsive (due to the emergence of internet), to the point where, today, I hardly recognize it, and likely vice versa. Life is a River and the river has moved on. Are you ridin’ in the river in you tiny canoe ? Are you sittin on the sidelines watchin the view?  (Speech)

Just perhaps … perhaps akin to a JAZ musician who, perhaps, finds a somewhat broader and receptive/appreciative audience, after a few decades, usually afar, and sometimes nearby ?

And perhaps, Akin to Gandalf, who having battled, tilted, exhausted and surrendered … transcending and travelling across space and time returned (to you,us ) as Gandalf the White (Ifa/Obatala) .. 

–  Youth Crew Iview with Ziggy David Nesta Marley(March2014) 



Thank you Mr. Marley and Tuff Gong !  FLY RASTA! engaging lively and direct with th keCg Youth Crew 

Corey is taking a Spring Break moment here to again invite, an ALL Call to AllaYall .. to contribute, listen, feel, taste, dream, support, enjoy, dance, sing, work, sweat (the best perfume), cook, muse, swim, hike, bike … in some more perfect harmony … with Endless Appreciation to all our Community Friends, Families, Volunteers, Landlords, Framily, City, County, WCCUSD, ROP, Artists, Labels, Doug Wendt , Gregg Mcvicar, Recordists, Collaborators, Inspirators, VW Vanagon Mechanics, Butterflies BrrdsNBees, Earth and Sky, Ancestors, and my Beloved ceaselessly caring caressing Debra Sue

who have supported and nurtured us this far …  through decades of Bright Blessed Days and Dark Inky Sacred Nights .. All Star All Right ..

Ziggy / Fly Rasta … ” I don’t want to live on Mars”  …

so .. where do we go from here? 

worldone a GO GO ! Go  Magic  Go! Go  Logic  Go! Go  Love  Go!

Go  Ecology  Go! Go  Peace  Go!  Go  AllaWe  Go !   = ; ) ~