Open Minds + Open Hearts + Open House

WOWZA ! we have an inaugural opportunity to support the station though an internet portal, which is directly associated with our on-site humanity-is-our-business-office at El Cerrito High School and Performing Arts Center  .. We recently became acquainted with My Funding Pal .. MFPs Brian, Ryne, Blake,  Monica.. and we are  e n j o y i n g becoming creatively acquainted .. NICE FOLKS!  based in CAli , Tracy and San Diego …

please navigate, cut and paste ( its OK! its not plagiarism! )  to :   

Bros and Sistren, all SupaG’s  children  …. the District needs us to do OUR part to support these Arts and artful edjujucative broadcasts .. serious tones and rhymes for serious times ..  our household is ALLIN, these 20 + years of broadcast + festival ..  corner stone is set for NEXTGENS … now is a chimely time to …

Be Great !  Do what you can do  ..  synchropositrons and don’t be late  !   AND DO NUDGE any additional po’ or well- cheddah’d philanthropists you may know, who may have heart and ears to hear what musicultura we are up to ! 

Callin allay’all worldOnelovs  ! ALL invited to  keCg + worldOneradio Open House
Saturday, Nov 19 @ keCg 11 A – 2 P

Meet + Mingle + Tingle ?
Sparkling eyes + sparking ears technique ..
lively and direct, in person ! social + media !

Pot Luck !  …

This word-concept, imported to English from …  “Potlatch”  A potlatch is a gift-giving feast practiced by indigenous peoples of the Pacific Northwest Coast of Canada and the United States,[1] among whom it is traditionally the primary economic system.[2] This includes the Heiltsuk, Haida, Nuxalk, Tlingit, Makah, Tsimshian,[3] Nuu-chah-nulth,[4]Kwakwaka’wakw,[2] and Coast Salish cultures) Thanks contributors to Wikipedia.

if you care to bring a delectable, we’ll have plates, bevs and such ..

Just let us know what you might bring along? so we might best coordinate.

A seasonal and great time to get together, givingThanks, get to know + grow the glow
we’ll even have some worldOne tees and festival merch out for perusal, don’tchaknow ..

And if you are in the position to make a donation .. lov! those keCg supportive positive vibrations!
(though, the District is apparently, as yet, incapable of making any electronic /card /square account available).
Carramba ! We would welcome and thank your tax deductible donation by check, and will lovingly receipt accordingly. (We just found an e funding vehicle, My Funding Pal, which will likely be activated by then, let’s see )

Ringadingdingly, what is most essential is that we do get a chance to meet, and y’all can see where worldOne practices, simmers, chants UP ! edjujucates the Rise + Shine daily broadcast, and instructs Broadcast Journalism among our WCCUSD Youth ..

It’s a humble studio suite .. though most who visit find it indeed particularly sweet !

Open Minds + Open hearts + Open Possibilities !

Suite B 200
El Cerrito High School + Performing Arts Center
540 Ashbury Avenue
El Cerrito, CA 94530

ECHS / keCg is walking distance from El Cerrito Plaza Bart (@ 10 -15 min, depending an amble to brisk pace)

Wheelchair accessible. Please RSVP. We’ll make sure to greet and facilitate egress from Parking Lot Entrance.

Ample free parking on Eureka, Ashbury ( curb your wheels ) or Pomona. Walk-in access through the Faculty Parking Lot pedestrian gate, located on Eureka Street.

There are a few more details

E como mai … bring the kids ! Lets get together and feel alright , in plain sight , and in the groove !   = : ) ~ 


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