Thanks ALLINONEINALL … it takes a village … Earth and Sky … sweat ( the best perfume), requisite scrapes …and Red Tails overhead… Kuatli ! .. how’s the toe? ( oowie during stake pounding ) Tender XO Bro !  THANK YOU all Volunteers and Artists and Sponsors and Attendees … below … Corey’s front-side hands reveal, among other festi-peti-fours : one lovely bamboo splinter + one chunkito, thanks to soccer flagging …LOL … now packing down and in… repairs and recupes … more to follow … Encore … BLESSToALL .. RESTival ahead …=:)~

Festival RiZing .. working looong days in build-out and prep .. volunteers welcomed via volunteer tab, i volunteer portal …it takes a village right through Sunday … East Bay Express is soliciting 2015 faves for Best Of.. if ya feelin it, shoutaboutit ! … and please do social us UP !  This is a destination/mountain-feel festival, right in our City environs. it is F R E E and B e a u  t i f u l .. a labor of LOVE … all ages … rootical  .. globAloha …LuZ + Amor + ViBRa Buena pa’ todos ! 

Festival notes :

EC Jazz with Special Guest Erik Jakebson 5p-7p on July 3 .. see the main stage schedule in detail under the tab above…

– Watch for Sister Carol in the assemblage on 4th..

Bike valet available on Moeser

– Cerrito Vista is @ 20 min walk from EC Plaza Bart .. North along the Ohlone trail, turn right up Moeser .. voila !

Low back  or blankets chairs please .. shade tents areas are marked, beside and behind the plane of the sound tent

El Cerrito is newly a smoke-free City ..

– We LOVE canines .. but the event is a bit much for dogs and their keepers .. so please be aware .. poochie cannot accompany you to the festival  ..

free nearby street parking is available in almost every direction.. longer strolls later in the day of course .. and DO curb your wheels !

If you love it.. stoke it !   support the arts and foods vendors .. shout your support to the City of El Cerrito ! Donate during the fest in the festival calabash, or after the fest, directly to Public Radio keCg … 540 Ashbury Avenue , El Cerrito CA 94530 … keCg is a broadcast service of West Contra Costa Unified School District and the recipient of several prestigious arts and service awards/accolades … YOU are the Public in Public Radio …we’ll thank you with a receipt for your tax deductible direct donation to the little double rainbow radio station which has been home to worldOne since 1995.

Gotta gallop now …  see ya’ll soon in the ol’ worldOneradio corral           = : ) ~