In our very recent morning email, unedited..  Thank You Back ! = ; ) ~ 

Message: I don’t know how you guys suddenly appeared on my radio dial, but wow.

i listened for hours to radio brava yesterday and couldn’t believe my ears. i was afraid if i turned my dial away i would never find *that* station again. fortunately, i have found you here so i know you’re real and that i will be able to find you again. i haven’t been so excited about an fm station in a long long time. thank you thank you thank you…….

we understand, we know  .. the FMs are modest to say the least … and p r e c i o u s  … we did not intend worldOne to be a secret … we rather believe that this sound and feeling merits broad availability and wide o p e n appreciation and enjoyment .. it’s just that after talking to everyone we could think of ( local, a longish list of majors, coast to coast broadcasters, Artists and even Mr. Branson!),  and or get an audience with, nearly 2o years ago …  we found a modest home in little keCg which welcomed the Mission.. Thank you Prentice, Philip, and WCCUSD.  And since them we’ve just been doin it and bein it and doin it ( well, we hope).  Funnily enough? the station was indeed underground, in a oft-flooding basement/first floor at ECHS for the first 10 years or so of our nightly broadcasts … then we were in a portable for several years,   and now in a pair of much more dignified small studios in a classroom suite … please feel free to call to arrange a visit ! or pop in when you are on- site at El Cerrito High School and Performing Arts Center  … 

and another email…  quite on the heels of the missive above …

…or is this just serendipity? I just ran into you accidentally on my car radio yesterday and said, “Wow.” Now I go to your website and find “I don’t know how you guys suddenly appeared on my radio dial, but wow.” Something must be in the air. Keep it up. 

Thank you again ! Please enjoy !! = ; ) ~ 

an  overnight sensation?  after 20 years ? ! .. stop hey whats that sound ! yes somethin’s in the air .. I can feel it all around .. 

GO!  Serenedipity Go ! Go Radio Magic Go !  Go!  Logic ! Go !  Go ! Beauty ! GO ! 

We are still ringing with waves of Appreciation for all the pulsing,evanescing,shimmering gurgling Living Aloha, Arts, Foods, and Dance we absorbed n Kaua’i … and coming back to the Bay … we call it “reentry” ….as it is always a challenge, from traffic to just getting back in our respective saddles at home, school, and practice .. my particular entry was softened and charged up significantly by a few musical and art encounters … reconnecting with Carnaval King DJiJ

Ij + Corey ybg 2014

Ij + Corey ybg 2014mingling among some lovely salseros at Yerba Buena’s free Thursday pm tardeada with Ricardo Lemvo + MaKINA LOCA .. and yes, recorded some sabrosos live vibz to broadcast .. listen for them in the mix !  One recording was made while dancing in a rumba line ! lol !

Shake Your Beauty with us at upcoming worldOne collabs/events : 

Sunday, September 14 LIVE BROADCAST @ Solano Stroll, interactive dancealong Santa Fe Stage with :  ECHS Dance Production (10 am) , ECHS JAZZ (Noon) , Sosakete (Round Dance),  Suhaila Salimpour(1PM) , Baile Folklorico, Del Mars Surf (2pm) , Kamakakehau Fernandez + Halau Makana Lani (3PM), Non Stop Bhangra (3:30),  Brasarte (5P)   

Saturday, September 20th at Ocean Beach San Francisco Coastal Cleanup ! the State’s largest volunteer event, California Coastal Cleanup Day. In 2013, over 58,000 volunteers removed almost 750,000 pounds of trash and recyclables from California’s beaches, lakes, and waterways. Families, friends, coworkers, scout troops, school groups, service clubs, and individuals come together to celebrate and share their appreciation of California’s fabulous coast and waterways. The event is part of the International Coastal Cleanup, organized by the Ocean Conservancy, which is the largest volunteer event on the planet! Learn more and find an event you can join nearby, at the link above.  

Join worldOne at Ocean Beach, San Francisco as we fan out from the foot of Golden Gate Park, (use the Beach Chalet and Windmill as your landmarks), and you can’t miss a few thousand folks+ these United Riddims  .. as we comb the beach and give Pachamama and our fabulous Ocean Beach a big XO ..   Waddayasay?! .. join Coastal Cleanup Day ..  A morning FoG? And a day in the Sun .. Everybody worldOne ! 

and our endless thanks to Jill Fressinier and Family / Spillart for an unforgettable and intimate evening with The Observer in the House of Stars what follows … ObeyJah/Ras Otis, Queen Jill + King Lee

so mr perrylee goldenThe question + the answer .. Blue Space+Golden Clouds .. and YEES! … recorded … this time, adjusting constantly due to impromtu PA jankiness ( all good) … and all the while  alternately itching-scratching-jumping-like a-frog, as requested and required by the Celtic Charmer  … these too will be added to the sparkling loops and double rainbows of worldOneradio … for the Kaua’I N I’s ..

Following deep Kauai’an odyssey (Te Vai Ura Nui, above)  … we are arrived back to Cali, to Cali, to Cali  … our hearts are  naturally full, and h e a v y upon leaving Hawai’i, Kaua’i, family and cherished and new extended o’hana. Mahalo Nui Loa to All.. Aumakua, Aina and Kai … more will follow .. and importantly we wish to thank and worldOneXO Manea and Sally Joe and Heiva I Kauai (Nathan! Allen!) , Rick and Fa /Kauai Crafters, T.Huni (carver of tiki below)

, Kaylen, Stacey, Emma, Auntie Leilani and Waipa o’hanaEnrico, Catana (henna and fine artist).. Chongolio, Rose(grafittibikini), Steve and Infinity Surfboards.. infinity + corey+haena 2014Patrick at Hanalei Surf, Robert ( Smile, Be Nice!) Blake (Na Pali paleo), Michael and Auntie Angeline’s, Auntie Marie, Sandy, Linda and Commodore @KKCR, Ron Wiley /KONG, Daniel and Linda at Hawaiian Music Store, Seth Yamamoto… seth 2014Sean and Simone , Doug and Sandy McMaster, John Dumas + Aki ( Joyful Noise Taiko), Farmer’s Marketers Linda, Sal, and Joshua and Luna (Aloha Fresh Macadamias)Musical Master Michel Poroi (Tamarii Te Faatii), Toa Huhine ( a few handsome kane here pictured with beloved wahine Debra Sue),tua huhine + my wahine 2014Kamakakehau Fernandez (reunited in Koloa),kamaka + corey @ koloa Preeta (album art)…
preeta we are changedhere with Sam and Mike Love at OAK …

Our El Cerritmo back yard looks a bit like the happy clamor of Kapa’a art stroll .. lol … for drying out loud .. …our ears and hearts and muscles are still ringing with delight, and/or exertion …reverberations of drums, surf,smiles, and hips … all catalyzed by the Maestro, Kumu and Good Friend Manea Tapairu …Pairu + Allen + Corey at da jongul pahu shop  …pairu + allen + corey at shop

and l i s t e n for upcoming triple scoops of aloha, peppered with Auntie Kathy’s whoo-hoos + yeehaw’s + flirty innuendos +marurus …double anuenue mixology ..

Kaua’iNi radio sehsun One : walk and talk-abouts are quilted togeddah with interludes by :

Kamaka Kukona, George Helm, Michel Poroi, Kamakakehau Fernandez, Eddie Kamae + Sons of Hawaii, Israel Kamawiwo’ole, Dennis Kamakahi, Auntie Genoa Keawe,  Seth Yamamoto, Gabby Pahinui, Mike Love, and and Preeta (Make Love Not War) ..

press play above, right  .. or find us and take us with you via the mobile app tune in … search worldoneradio or keCg ..

from Queen Emma’s Summer Palace .. a good place to give thanks and even pick potent and tiny Hawaiian jalapenos with local kupuna,

and Hanakapiai stream .. yellow ginger flower … puhi land … have a ohi’a ‘ai and a smile …giner 2014

and Waipa poi days … lovu Auntie Honey Girl !

leilani and corey

More soon … bound in the cords of living Spirit of Aloha, the Life of the land musicartsdanculture   .. Ea ! … livealohalive …  = : ) ~

kaua'i .. fullness 2014 = ; ) ~ Corazon original, reprise… reflection + remebrance of this journey .. 

Casa de Cultura / Lavagem /Brasarte  re~united and it f e e l s so g o o d !  especially when a cuica + batalla is goin off nearby ..  Bay Rim frequency modulators Dj Jose Luis + David McBurnie at  … that Midas toca ! listen li-li-listen ! 

Jose Ruiz +David McBernie + Corey lavagem 2014and what is Music without Visual art you can wear .. Ester designs in Berkeley, support coops in Cameroon and ornaments you ! livin la vida glocal…ester fanabella this one !