The kind that works and prays and sweats and finds time for rejuvenation and celebration .. and recommend these blends …. to wit …

Vote in East Bay Express Best of the East Bay 2017 through May 10th  … 

You can invent your own categories  .. and otherwise choose to cheer on keCg / worldOne  in categories : 

Best Festival  / Best Radio Station / Best Radio Dj … Best globalharmoinicsonitonic  ? !  

Volunteer Sign ups NOW for worldOnefestival July 3+4 2017  …. 

We all need a hand .. its takes a Village to L I F T  a genuine relational intastellaacapella festival into view … hand to hand ..heart to heart and eye to eye .. and yes …. sweat is the best perfume …

KeCg Open Hearts Open Minds Open House Saturday April 29 11A – 3Pm

…  circle up and feel fine … @ KeCg Public Radio 540 Ashbury Avenue El Cerrito, CA  9 4 5 3 0 …kecg.glyph.rainbow.1 (2) Happy Spring a ding ding …

sowing seeds and cd’s in love … as below so above .

Hope Springs Eternal .. towards the vernal ..

and worldOnefestival builds its annual ring …. so we can see and be together ..

circling aspiring and a-spiraling .. musicultural sunflower dream powwower …

May . The bees buzzzz ….  the brrrds and worldOne siiiings  love from the heart and love for the art of what it is to be human beings human .. circling and spiraling .. to bring our best to the spring season and the U.S.ALL Americans All Our Relations Dream Out Loud festival …a testament .. stereoscopic global harmonic sonic tonic…  chiming in rhyme and reason …

prancin dancing and a smiling.. and spending a musicultural while in Cerrito Vista Park

all generations.. from dawn til dark as we celebrate  another day of livin.. la vida gloca-l

like a sister and brother from another mother .. our one Earth Mother .. PachaMama  .. Gaia  …

dialing up our enthusion as American Dreamers … all our earthnicites .. America in the remix …

First Nations , USALLAWE .. and the realization of love and happiness vibrations  .. creature to creation …

with the traditional July 4 fun and a musicutlural vision for USALL Our Relations ..

the red the white the blue ….the red the gold the green

all the flavors and the neighbors …  the textures and colors,  flapping festival flags ..

lively goodness vibz .. LuZAMoR+BueNaViBRa in between..

outta sight in plain sight and on the scene  … nose to toes ..

If ya feelin it fo’real in it .. time for put plata en la lata por favor  .. jingle in the mingle !  

Callin all philanthropis and po’lanthopists ..

we all need a lift .. dear radio escucha we too need your lift .. in this 19th annual iteration of worldOnefestival vibrations.. will you please consider and come on through with a hearts and hands and/ or a keCg direct donation too?  And no, we don’t wish to ask too much of you .. though its gonna take all we can do to bring it on through …

its that time for all good morning god listeners to come to the aid of the likkl;e radio station with the USALL Our Relations vibrations … to help uplift all person all nation .. including the aforementioned creatures in creation

A buh-buh buh buh-buh 

A buh-buh buh buh-buh

K e c g
Its easy as 1 2 3

It’s easy as, 1 2 3
As simple as, do re mi
A B C, 1 2 3
k e c g
Come on and let us onelove you just a little bit … 

Sit yourself down, take a seat
All you gotta do is repeat after me

Imagine you might be heading out to a mountain festival .. into the Sierra or Treasure island or Golden Gate Park  for a day and a half of brilliant musicalities and festival swirl with ya folks ya boys and ya grrls .. what would that ticket cost you, what would you spend on that musical weekend .. to intimately immerse with friends, fam and 10 grand ensemble bands …  for that ticket?  .. you’d get on line and you’d clickit at a hunnit? Or one fiddy  …  

This worldOne fest is free, like we want to be, while its gonna take allawe to pitch in and do our part to support the musicultural arts .. naturally .. a little will go a long was and a lot will go a whole lot further to fuel summer festival events related keCg  double rainbow ops, related gear, tees,  banners, oneders and signs, honoraria,  tech staff, and support keCg worldOneateers and performing artists, and engineers.          

Wone pc back2.8.17.R3.UPDATE

Over 21 now years we’ve gone out on a limb .. sacrificing every single day to stay in the game, and stoking our vigor and vim … contemplating, gathering, broadcasting, lookin out and lookin in to help cultivate and lift the condition our condition is in .. now its time for we and you …to jump off the ropes , hope a dope, like a pro wrestler and rustle up some dough to help us flow our best feya

Thank you for the favor of your listening and your direct support of keCg this spring and summer as we, together with the City of El Cerrito, WCCUSD, our like minded community sponsors-believers-supporters help lift and sustain Public Radio keCg and worldOneradio and festival.

You, Dear radioescucha are the Public in Public Radio. Your direct support helps us do what we can do in out tiny double rainbow canoe, to bring this broadcast service and this freely presented USALL worldOne festival through to you, this spring summer and in the seasons ahead. Thank you. Gracias, Xie xie Salamt , tujaychay for lending us a helping hand …  USALL Our Relations snuggled in around the Bay.   

We never miss the water til its gone .. lest not miss the water !    May.. the blessed donations rains come down .. moisten the ground … fertile now, and new seeds sprout .. as it was ..  this May,  it ever be .. no doubt …  bout it shout !    = ; ) ~

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