La Vida Es Carnaval = : ) ~

Happy Springadingding and nascent Summerings !

17th worldOnefestival simmering….We immersed in the waters of yet another celebration of SF Carnaval … Brave and Beautiful … scintillating with celebrants of all ages … BraziLatinAfricanIdige-digit-all Diaspora … strolling + seeing + hearing + feeling along with friends Michael Roman, Kate and Hazel. BEM ASTRAL! … Phat Beats, Sequins n’ Feathers OH MY ! … and this … dj worldOnelove promptly mixed up a rollicking radio set for airplay recapitulating the whirligig with melanged boom-boom-boom of Carnaval sound systems, while Debra Sue mixed up your photo gallery here… rich with the cascading arco iris of colors and joyful Spirits only a genuine Carnaval intention can conjure. It was a cool + grey day – but the bass + treble + arts + hearts of fire warmed us inside and OUT! Plenty of street hugs and smiles … BiG worldOneradio Xo’s to All ~ JJ + Isadora + Belen + Roger + Antonio + Judah ..+ on + On ..til the break o’ dawn.. = : ) ~