Stop Hey ! What’s that Sound ?!

We’re apparently on some kind of roll, magic carpet ride here? … an overnight sensation ! after @ 20 years .. lol !  GRATEFUL!  SMiLE


It will mos def go to our hearts and not go to our heads .. still just makin the rent for our blessed home/office/heartquarters .. and el Caballo Rosado (88 VW COMBi) is just getting older  ….  

Last month  .. Richmond’s Craneway Pavillion played host venue for unite4good Bay Area .. the continuing and evolving tour which is calling for a global consciousness and movement to do and be precisely, and manifold that.. united intention of goodness .. no small endeavor .. round the ol’ worldOneradio corral … we finna roll widdaT .. we finna shout boutiTst! .. no doubt boudiTst! .. after all, so-much-trouble-in-the-world, much unnecessary negative stress and grief in the world .. Really …. what is there left, what else? to do ?

We met many beautiful, dedicated, talented, UPful people faallin UP! while the tour was here .. precious and fast moving,  while unite4good surveyed glocal life on the ground on the East Bay Rim .. the tour actively deliberated and chose Richmond as its destination after NYC and Miami (Respect! to SF or LA) .. and among others, unite4good chose to acknowledge djworldOnelove (Corey) and WCCUSD 88.1 keCg 97.7 as the recipient of a community “Hero” award… for our works of nearly 20 years in musicultral Arts and Education. We are honored . Thank you and GO !  unite4good.

To wit .. of late, and for iver, a thematic song on-air with us, is the onederful inspiratorial shuffle +  by Nightmares on Wax … i do be .. … ” be the most magnificent.. live a life that’s benvolent .. be the highest of the highest or anything equivalent .. i do be  .. “   Thank you and Respect ! dj Ease / George Evelyn + N o W crew  .. ROOTS! SOUL! ROKON

These last several weeks have demanded some of the heaviest lifting and full engagement in recent memory … as an urban amorista edjujucator ..

so I especially appreciate some LIFT like this .. getchoself some Pharrell Williams kind of happy … .. and speaking of happiness … sometimes you have to be your own sunshine .. and sometimes, like NYE, My Beloved She, is Giving Me the Ooh~La~ La !

worldOnefestival 2014 is now on the summer horizon ..  herewith announced for your enjoyment and planning .. 


and thus we have much for which to be Grateful and much to look forward to .. yaymen !

When worldOneradio was concieved @ ’94 ish .. I asked a consumately talented jazz friend, Mr. Rich Sigberman, to render his fine craft as Artist to create a modest, sincere invocation.. like a ketubah .. to visualize the intention for worldOneradio .. it resides in the center of our home sanctuary … along with images of objects that Rich observed while visiting in our thence SF home … a  micromacro image including Nike (the Goddess), a decahedron, cruciform, a cosmic dancing Tara, supernova heart + double bass ..  it is inscribed …. Raise Divine Sparks ..  

excerpted from  … 

Isaac Luria, the renowned sixteenth century Kabbalist, used the phrase “tikkun olam,” usually translated as repairing the world, to encapsulate the true role of humanity in the ongoing evolution and spiritualization of the cosmos. Luria taught that God created the world by forming vessels of light to hold the Divine Light. But as God poured the Light into the vessels, they catastrophically shattered, tumbling down toward the realm of matter. Thus, our world consists of countless shards of the original vessels entrapping sparks of the Divine Light. Humanity’s great task involves helping God by freeing and reuniting the scattered Light, raising the sparks back to Divinity and restoring the broken world.

it takes a village to raise child …

it takes a world ? to raise our selves and our world ? toward G– ? 

Start living on a higher vibration

Now we take it to the heights of creation

Perfection of divinity
Is everyone’s duty
Don’t waste your time
Living for the vanities

We are creatures of faith
Victims of destiny
Which we create

Now we living on a higher vibration
‘Cause we take it to the heights of creation

Ziggy Marley – Higher Vibration .. 

livealohalive ..  

the next and shortest poem in all poetry?  ..

Go YOU ! GO ! Me ! Go ! WE !        = ; ) ~ 


WorldBeat~les … All You Need Is Love !

The Beatles first cast thier magic s p e l l over Britain, North America and the World in the early 60’s .. these exuberant fotos always get me .. a harbinger of what was to come  …

Perhaps its just a series of joyful and clever martketing fotos ?

It occurs to me, and Corey’s Beloved-Wife’s-Beloved-Sister Lisa, that therein, along with photo/set art +craft+ serendip … perhaps some gemetria ? emerges from these particular images? … onedering ….

another alternate take … hmmmm …

beatles leaping 1

The photo was taken by photographer Dezo Hoffman on Monday, March 25, 1963 at Allerton Golf Course in Liverpool.

Many people have assumed that the jump photo was taken from The Beatles “Twist & Shout” single but that photo was taken on a different day at a different location most likely Sefton Park. (


The Muses work in mysterious ways … Music is a Spirit … from your world tradition, language, alphabetic knowlege …poetically .. might you discern any particular semblance or resonance to some form, some artful message?

Martketing  and/or some serendipitous form of alphabetic/symbolic Lords A Leaping Kinetic Art ?  Maybe their ecstatic leaping was message enough ..    What say you  … feelin’ it ?   

Whatever it was or is …. g’wan and Twist! and Shout! LOVE! = ; ) ~