The Beatles first cast thier magic s p e l l over Britain, North America and the World in the early 60’s .. these exuberant fotos always get me .. a harbinger of what was to come  …

Perhaps its just a series of joyful and clever martketing fotos ?

It occurs to me, and Corey’s Beloved-Wife’s-Beloved-Sister Lisa, that therein, along with photo/set art +craft+ serendip … perhaps some gemetria ? emerges from these particular images? … onedering ….

another alternate take … hmmmm …

beatles leaping 1

The photo was taken by photographer Dezo Hoffman on Monday, March 25, 1963 at Allerton Golf Course in Liverpool.

Many people have assumed that the jump photo was taken from The Beatles “Twist & Shout” single but that photo was taken on a different day at a different location most likely Sefton Park. (


The Muses work in mysterious ways … Music is a Spirit … from your world tradition, language, alphabetic knowlege …poetically .. might you discern any particular semblance or resonance to some form, some artful message?

Martketing  and/or some serendipitous form of alphabetic/symbolic Lords A Leaping Kinetic Art ?  Maybe their ecstatic leaping was message enough ..    What say you  … feelin’ it ?   

Whatever it was or is …. g’wan and Twist! and Shout! LOVE! = ; ) ~