A worldOnelov! letter ..

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We received a letter recently which… bust the meter, and shake the tweeter (Erykah B.) .. in excerpt ..

Meanwhile, I’ve been privileged to encounter maybe a little less than half a dozen genuinely great radio stations in life, all across the world, and now I hear what you’re doing.  So now I’ve got one more to add to that list.

I’ve just moved from Paris back to the East Bay, and you’re blowing my mind day after day.  It’s astonishing.  I’m wildly intrigued to learn what it will sound like when the kids are back at school.

We are grateful .. and indeed, we will consider that an on-the-DL “RAMMY” …. and we will invite you to hear wassup at the worldOneradio corral..  daily you can hear Undercurrents, Doug Wendt’s All World Beat/Native Son Rising, Midnight Dread, dj worldOnelove diurnal or contemplative sets, and the rolling cinematic musicscapes of Radio Edsoft Films.   We have welcomed a sparkly-eyed and keen minded crop of high-school-aged public radio initiates, and they will be on air within several weeks now .. ready to worldOnerumba ! via via  88.1 Kickin Evolving Conscious Grooves 97.7  !

Along with@ 1O years of archived mixes in daily worldOne broadcast, some lately recent worldOneradio mixology you will hear via our local fm’s, worldOneradio.org. (press play) . or via tune in on your smart phone ..

CeeversTopah/ True Melodies, Ua(Sun) , Pura Fe, Te Vaka, Rhythmus Tanscendentium, Flaming Lips(Rocket Man / Heart is a Drum Machine), Chuchito Valdez and Eddie Navia, Star Benda Bilili, Buffy, Trudell, Easy Star All Stars (First Light and yes, Thrilla) John Robinson (Rapsploitation) Mos Def, Andre Desplat (MoonRise Kingdom).. and on and on til the break o’ dawn ..

BTW .. We can recommend a viewing from doc, “Heart is Drum Machine”..we have snipped several sweeps/scenes and mixed our faves for sharing in our radio mixes http://www.youtube.com and, we enjoyed a splendid night on the town at Peña Pachamama in North Beach http://pachamamacenter.org/ .. Quentin and Eddie have managed, despite the odds, to create and maintain a genuine, intimate, charming, musiculture and love-filled boite, with fabulous organic fare, and bar.. in the Middle of North Beach , for these last 11 years. BRAVO! Please do plan to visit, dine, listen, dance with them when you visit SF.

Back to school season has always been a heavy “compression” for me. perhaps too, an expansion? in that we are re-shaping and extending our QI .. anyway, it’s an energetic and psychic  wallop, largely for institutional reasons and how we actually implement same locally and as a society… plenty of room for improvement, eh?   Our youth deserve and need so much better and more.. comprehensive education…enriched learning opportunities .. nutrition …  arts-music education,  genuine cultural connections and early exposure to all kinds of work-in-the-world.  The system is shuddering right about now, less funding for a status quo that was already not entirely functional .. it’s all connected .. tight turns and rewiring just ahead .. hang onto your halo ..

What’s life without a merman or a mermaid in your life? ( Discovery Channel’s mocshokdoc excepted)  .. blending  a few varied inspirations (an octopus, an embrace, and a 50’s aquatic siren postcard) to wit :

                                 Soplando Burbujas de Amor (JL Guerra)

and .. a mediation for support the intentions and purposes of the Peace Project, above  ..

worldOnelov radioabrazos musicalartist WolfHawkJaguar (gotta a pocket fulla cowry shells) and visual artist Michael Roman (gotta tee-shirt fulla cowries!) … Ii need to introduce them !

Simply press the button … Press Peace > Press Play > RePeace ..

If you live nearby .. perhaps we’ll see you at the Solano Stoll this week … and otherwise ..have a beautiful day in the Unihood ..  = : ) ~

 Q: Like our writer in the excerpt above, I too have had favorite radio stations in my life.  You? What makes music important to you ?  What is important about music ? Do you have a favorite few radio stations in you life, currently locally or on-line? What makes them “great” ?