Always Giving Thanks Giving

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Happy Giving Thanks Giving … Blessed Be.. 

This season is one of Harvest, Hearth, Community , Introspection and Renewal…

This season and this national holiday is also complicated, with much pain, post-traumatic ancestral memory of forced relocation, genocide, desecration, mytho-cultural erasures, distortions, or historical inaccuracies, which compel many Native Americans to retreat from ” mainstream” cultural celebration, protest or rebel.

Our mainstream culture itself has a mixed love-hate relationship with this season… on the one hand, feverish-black-everything-shop-o-cyberama, and on the other, since the initiative launched years ago by AdBusters ( Buy Nothing Day) , more folks and even REI ( #optoutside), saying no to seasonal ultra-commercialization and hype.

To wit, we invite All to reexamine Universal Values of Giving Thanks as a Way of Being, as a daily practice in Spirit. We Acknowledge and Appreciate all the Wonders our World and Creativity offer. As Dr. King advised, we should be chary in the temptation to value things more than people, All The People .. and I will, if you please, extend his urging, to include all the Winged, Four-Footed, Flora, Fauna, Watery, or Mineral, and All we do not yet know or for which we as yet have no name. Dr. King clearly articulated and warned us all against the dangers of extreme materialism, into which we have wandered.

worldOneradio is Associated in Abiding Friendship with UnderCurrents and Native Voice One, the Native American Radio Network, for which we are Grateful. Glocally we are delighted to be in extended family bonds with the Perkins Family, Roger Sosakete + Chela Pele + their Children  … living-integrating their Mohawk~Kanien’kehá:ka Haudenosaunee (Six Nations) traditions here in CAli. Herewith we would like to share a few (or many) healing images realized by Sosakete (several others are cherished radiant symbol-spirits, illuminating + nourishing in our home).

radiant rogerPlease learn more about Roger’s endless Inspired Creativity and Good Spirit by visiting powwowpopart. His most recent totem (relationship) pole, here.  

roger totem 2015And YES, you too can live with his arts-images-ceramics. Reach out and recommend upon inspiration. We extend our Heartfelt Thanks to Roger and Family, for sharing Good Spirit in our seasonal worldOne celebrations, and Sharing+Shining a Light to help Us See More Clearly …  while Beckoning Blessed Rains !

And yes, please be reminded that there are Native Peoples everywhere, and blended Native Peoples everywhere, and you can reach out and participate in open events at Friendship Houses, powwows and Living Galleries like our own nearby Gathering Tribes, Albany~Berkeley Cali, under the Leadership and Curation of Pennie Opal Plant.

And, as Native Wisdom Keepers will advise, its always a Great Day to Give Thanks, and to Celebrate the Indigenous Roots of All  World Cultures.. The Threads of Our Rope back in Time … Our Braided Hair .. Our DNA … Connected to Earth, Weather,All Creatures, Creation, and Great Spirit…  All Spirits Dancing in the Flesh.. We are Circling … Spiraling Together .. Holy Mystery This Is Family… This Is Celebration … Buffy Saint Marie 

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Giving Thanks Giving … Thank you for the Favor of Your Listening … Blessed Be   = : ) ~