It’s festival time! This is an All Call! For Alla Y’ALL! Ones! All Ways All Star …


Main Stage Festival Schedule + Artist Information (listed if available):


10:00 am   Tara Linda

11:05 am   The Del Mars Surf Band

12:15 pm   Musical Art Quintet

1:20 pm     Ed Reed Quartet

2:30 pm     Rusty Zinn and His Band

3:45 pm    Suhaila International Dance Company

4:45 pm    Fely Tchaco

6:05 pm    Deborah Iyall Group

Between sets enjoy global DJ sets by UnderCurrents Radio & worldOneradio

Carnaval Schedule:

11 am / 1 pm / 3 pm Circus Imagination

following Circus Imagination, magic by:  Magical Nathaniel

12:00 / 2:10 / 5:50 Carnaval walkabouts with The African Outlet

10:30 / 12:30 / 2:30  Hoola Hoop demonstrations + playfulness with Hoopin Heather!

5:40ish – 5:50ish Interlude with Non Stop Bhangra

Wed., July 3rd DJ Jimmy Love

H e r e  it comes .. worldOnefestival 2013 … arrreee youuuuu readyyyy tooooo R  U  M  B  A  ! we’ll be dancin in the streets and grazin in the grass .. and shakin our beauty … stonesoulworldOnelove picnic … surrounded by swaying trees (entjuke),  smiling faces, musicalities, arts, blues skies and rolling clouds  … music flower dream power !  Here’s the lastest inspired stage back-drop by visionary digigenie Fletcher Oaks …    which celebrates Non Stop Bhangra  … who will perform a glorious Punjabi dance-along stoked by DJ Jimmy Love and live Dhol Rhythms Drummers … YeOw !  This will be an entirely participatory Soul ShakeDown, with instruction,  5-7 pm on Wednesday Eve the 3rd.. PLEASE DO NOT MISS THIS EVENING!  .. we know that Vicki Virk et al are greatly looking forward to this precious opportunity to celebrate a genuine dance tradition outdoors .. in a natural setting which the dance honors …  a soul shake down of first order! Vicki instructed Bhangra on campus at ECHS this term among our Dance Production classes ( XO ! gifted unlimited teacher JessiE Kronenberg) and imported same into schoolwide culture via flashmob and social dance ..  really trully brilliant !! (THANK YOU! ED FUND!)   


We just wrapped the academic term in WCCUSD and our keCg Summer Radio CampRusty Zinn & His Band visited us in-studio on Wednesday June 19, @ 10 am  to live acoustic studio.

4th annual Richmond Powwow on Saturday, June 22 .. in the Heart of Rich City, Cali ..  looking so forward to a day of celebration of togetherness in Honor of Great Spirit …    Respect and Best Wishes to the Richmond Powwow Committee and worldOneradioXO! Courtney @ Native American Health Center in Richmond …  worldOne will be there to support, along with worldOnesoulBromano Michael Roman … whose hand-printed prayerwear will be available direct from the the Artist (as well as at worldOnefestival) .. we love spending hours and days together with Michael .. like a boxoxocolatls !  One his winged Marley prints will be in the raffle ay Powwow .. wowWOW!   

Soooo  .. we have had a few meetings at worldOneheartquarters recently, with our precious volunteers, new and seasoned .. we are tired from the labor of the year behind us, and its time to rise like the summer sunflowers which will decorate the festival ! The festival celebrates all the work and sweat and blesseng and learning of the seasonal procession, our orbit, rings of learning, and lovolution as a community or varied and onedrows being  .. no joke, cosmic stroke.  

Fley Tchaco at Amoeba 2012
Fley Tchaco at Amoeba 2012

Hey! bring plenty of pocket money to worldOne festival to help support keCg and the festival and the arts + foods vendors. YES! its presented freely, but you must know full well, that all virtually music and arts are up against it .. (and WHY you may well and should ask) this event is a small  and M I R A C L E …. thanks the City of El Cerrito, its Citizens, like-minded sponsors and volunteers. This is a public event, and like public radio .. you, WE are the PUBLIC  … we never miss the water till its gone .. so lets sing anmd pray to the water … money does NOT make the world go round .. but it’s sure requisite to make this festival cornucopia .. so dig deep, dig ? .. give what you can… for our part .. we shake out everything we’ve got .. that’s what a festival takes .. as it should be, if its gonna have any meaning and gudjuju in it .. seen ? 

djworldOnelove is digging through archives to package “lost” hand-sealed cd’s … the worldOneradio artkive direct from studio .. over 18 years of keCg worldOneradiomixology … if you’d like an original cd-from-master mix … drop fifteen boks! (lovu Kenny Perkins!)  or more !  to the donation jar / festival perpetuation fund ..   and Corey will personally gift you a cd  …  we’ll  likely  have @ 100 X  on hand. I’ll even draw my emotocon on it ! = : ) ~ + Bugs Bunny SCWEWY SWAK .. priceless ! 

More soon .. we’ll be tweeting … updating .. kindling .. working .. planing and scraping our knuckles in the weeks ahead .. knee needs a little ice right about now ! while we look forward to gettin together and feelin all right … hearts and hips .. sparking everything technique!  

Wish to donate $$$ or volunteer time ?  Contact us directly and pronto presto!  through our Volunteer link  and/ or the Contact Form on the the .org pull down menu .. 

Lately we’ve been thrilling to Paolo Fresu, Holly Herndon, Tha Tribe, Kobo Town, Andre Thierry , all kinds of Zawinul,  John Robinson (Flourescence), Snoop Lion , Rusty String QTT,  and Chambao (gracias! sirena Adrianna) Lots of new mixology for summer, on deck  … stay atuned via 88.1 keCg 97.7 .. .org shoutcast … or tune in free app””  … 

BEST ! Always ! Stay Blest ! Always ! Waay OuT West !   = ; ) ~ 


worldOneateers Ed and Isabel created another fabulous fest video melange  … as appearing now at Cerrito Theatre and KCRT … and here!