We Are One .. La Vida es Carnaval …

2014 worldOnefestival promo video here !  

See “Fest 2014”  tab above for Main Stage schedule July 3+4 2014 and map  …  low back chairs , no dogs (though we love them ,sorry!)  bike valet ! shade tents /umbrellas must be placed only beside and behind sound tent.   

La Vida Es Carnaval .. herewith, a sparkling morning visual sonic whirligig of SF Carnaval 2014 . thanks and xo to all who greeted and mingled with such calentura humana .. Luke!Mon and Fam, Maisa Duke, Jade Itiene, Tambores de Colombia, Mario + Kantuta , Lisa+Paula SambaFunk, Ryan + Rueda con Ritmo, BananaJazMan! solo and that BiiiG HUUG from a newBromano deAnudaMadre! .. 


The above are images gently invited and recorded by my beloved wife Debra Sue. For my part, I follow my ears ? l o l ?  …  the street was throbbing and pulsing and primping and fluffing, feathers and sequins and fish-nets oh my … Father Sun peeked over the Vics and Edwardians to illumine the tributes of the Aztec dancers.. and I, for my part .. was going going gonnie …. swooning .. copal, prayers to the four directions .. all generations .. and I could hear them .. feel them … echoing across time … no drugs … just natural magic … invoked ..  from the Center of 24th and Bryant in the Heart of La Mission.  All shimmered and shook las cuerdas palpably and powerfully .. Good Axe and Amen!

Carnaval is for ALL .. genuine festivals ( not commercial spectacles) are fountains of pyche-spiritual renewal …   the streets + parks + citizens + foods + flora + fauna + flavors + murals + families > flower-burst into grander dimensionality …. connection …   understood and supported by the creative kinetic arts-participants and citizens, or alas, systematically misunderstood and under-appreciated, thus displaced by the pressures of gentrifications, corporatizations, greedia, landlordovers, surreal estate, skinnier jeans, smartalec phones.. with all due respect to all the preceeding …. its a great day to think and feel indigenous, feel communally, community-connected  ..  a chance to Open UP Our Minds and Hearts …. and Celebrate, Acknowledge, Give Thanks to Flowering Flowing LIFE .. Giving Ourselves to Life by Immitating and Honoring IT .. with all its glorious texture and color and music and sense and playfull sexi sensuality. A chance?  if not a happy, life-affirming obligation.

And yes, the sweat to Shake our Beauty and the sweat to make it happen , is the best perfume. Speaking of which, we just implemented our second SYB event at El Cerrito High School .. kultimulchural dayclub social-style worldance .. everyone dances with everyone ..  to great results and viBz allaround.. Ms. Kronenberg and Dance Production ROX!


in a similar exuberant feeling … JLO + PitBull + Claudia Letitte lead us in this Copa Anthem WE ARE ONE …


“show the world where you’re from .. show the world we are One !”  It’s all connected … and it can be so much more beautiful for more and more of us every day … if we will Let it Be and actively help Make it So … keep a positive thought in your mind and heart… make OneLoveGalore your intention and sound track … Ask for PatienceWisdom, and Guidance ….  Trust Jah’s Ways and Prepare to be Amazed …  and see y’all soon at worldOnefestival 2014 …

We are juiced this week to have chatted / communicated personally with Sister Carol on the subject of Live No Evil, Jenna Mammina re: new releases in multiple genre, and Andrew/Interchill re: Firedance Kaya Project .. you’ll be finding it all in the mixology at www.worldoneradio.org .. like worldOneloves Odilon + Michael in Brazil .. press p l > a y on the website or take us with you via the  free app TuneIn : search “worldoneradio” ..  worldOnelovesoulsoundunity  = ; ) ~