Mahalos All Around .. LIFE, Artists, City + Citizens, Sponsors, Vounteers … Now, si vous plez …pass along all the goodness vibrations and recommendations  … find more on FaceBook .. and do tune in glocally via Double Rainbow All the Way  88.1 keCg 97.7 or free app Tune In or via Radio IO.  

Kamakakehau Fernandez returned on Sunday to play a lovely and lively solo set in store at Down Home Music~ The World’s Juke Box .. below .. The Arrtist, Recordist, and Arhoolie Records Founder Cris Strachwitz. 

Thank you Fletcho for all of your great Qi and creative collaboration ! 

July 3 Images of Los Centzontles with Dj Jose Ruiz

July 4 Images of the entire holiday Event Day

Thank you Mark! for this lovingly offered set of images on Flikr …

Copa Musical  ~   H O P E  v. Despair  

 World Game !    WorldOne !  is Officially On ..

Click on the nav bar above, to  FEST 2014 if you seek a map and Main Stage line-up. Producer’s reflections and thank you’s follow .. 

Hope waits, and prays and sweats through days, nights, months, decades, lifetimes, and across centuries.  We are in the era of Rope~A ~Hope, socio-politically, ecologically, and psyche spiritually, while these spheres are largely congruent. 

worldOneradio + festival hopes, prays, and works and sweats.

Corey’s Beloved Wife Debra Sue hopes, prays, works, and sweats beside me. Thank you Debra Sue. This seedeejay + educator + producer is for you.  YES, I LOVE YOU! YES! 

Thank you .. deeply, thank y’all ..  to everyone who is patient and generous and kind and helpful towards resonant mission as glocal citizens of this Beautiful World.


While the festival is freely presented, you perhaps know what makes these things go~sustain~g r o w …and it takes a willing and active village to L I F T ! ..  please do your part … get in the mix … contribute to it .. We need allaya’ll to believe your eyes and help in some way that fits/works for you …

Feed the festival donation powerflower donation pots …. and we will pay it forward ..  bring $5-10. to take some worldOnefest vibzed-UP sunflowers home to your own table at the end of the day July 4th .. as you stoke this–> you v o t e for it .. more events ?  encourage the kultimulchural Mission of worldOneradio + keCg / District ?

Love’s in need of love today .. send yours in right away ..

You can send a check donation directly to support keCg via :

keCg Public Radio / 540 Ashbury Ave. Suite B200 ,  El Cerrito CA,  94530 

worldOne mandala logo merch will be available: limited 2014 event tees , key chains,  necklace, bandanas, limited edition event stage art posters ( Fletcher Oaks, above )   ..

Please remember, only low back chairs and blankets in the infield/bowl .. we do happily set some shade, please defer to elders and special needs peeps . All shade structures must be set behind the plane of the sound tent, these areas and lanes will be clearly marked, as the need arises due to natural growth of one more cool thing in the unihood.

Again, Click  on the nav bar above, to  FEST 2014 if you seek a map and Main Stage line-up. Producer’s reflections and thank you’s follow .. 

Our sweet 16th annual festival is rising right before our eyes, and these are krazi-bizidays as we still manage to manage classrooms, all things keCg Public Radio  station and a sole Traditional Healing practice  …  we call this part tongue-in-cheek ..stresstival .. it is so very, very demanding.. all day all night … requiring sacrifice of time and resources .. we are all in.. 

 Please support the festival and its participants to the fullest..

…if we have done it all right ..the Blesstival follows .. the music and invocations and joy goes UP .. and the skies listen … and the blessing come raining down… into our waking reality and our new heavy sleep and reflective revelatory dreams …

Speaking of sleep, our sleep is bustling … just enough, not really restorative, but it’s that season .. and those weeks of ramping up .. loading out to Cerrito Vista.  I awoke this am,  with a dream running,  showing me my own hands working the solution to a sign construction  task I had not yet consciously worked out..nice !

Thank you Main stage Artists and Carnaval performers  … Keepers of respective Culture and Arts .. worldOne and y’all do not have celebrity incomes… thank you for working within our volunteer, free setting, and artistic honoraria  …  Down Home reminds .. Real Musicicans Drive Tractors  (too!) Steveland , Shakira , Prince , Lauren, Ceelo, Carlos .. y’all are welcomed any time .. though you’d have to work with us on the budget. 

Alas, to our peril … the despair-depression-oppression-sexi-broody-vampire-penguin-antisocial-vanity-me-me-media- business seems to pay faaaar better in the short, brutish, ecocidal-spiricidal haul ..   

NO!  NO ! Keshagesh  … while we got LOV for ya …  you can’t do that no more no more no more no more .. ( Buffy St. Marie )

Thank you All Volunteers.. you are keenly aware how much work is required.. . Knuckle scraping, huffing and puffing. Stay hydrated and don’t forget to dance… do not let a dance or a new-friend-moment slip by… the music and dance gods + goddesses will be well pleased to see you dance! Me Too ! WaTCHE ME NOW ! LOL !

Thank you all to all like-minded sponsors  .. we Appreciate and thank you ! 

Endless thanks you’s City and Citizens of El Cerrito as we prepare to welcome all kindza folks, every kind of people, to our glocality, where we will Shine On! and Turn the People On to how Beautiful and Day In The Sun can Be .. as we watch a small world after all swirl before our eyes .. musiculture and texture ..smiles, lips and hips , elders and children, Red Tails , textiles and aromas …  

Now Gwan and Shake  Your Beauty !

Thank you critics and frenemies … seriously .. if it doesn’t kill us, it made us  stronger ..  and through virtually all of our genuine impassioned creative exchanges we learn and polish each other .. iron can sharpen iron .. while irie softens irie  ..  more peace in our area fari ..

Forward in One Imperfect yet Perfecting Love Galore ..

For those who I may have disappointed, or neglected in my passion to see this done, I apologize. please forgive me. To my family and friends, from whom I am too often absent, immersed, I ask for your understanding and forgiveness. If it’s not abundantly clear what motivates and drives me what have seen and see, I hope that time will GRACE and bear out the fruit of these particular ex-insperiences, works/offerings, and that you will feel proud. That said, time cannot be replaced, as it is a river. May we spend more time together loving and living and crying and laughing, on and in the River.  

Let’s make a Festival .. Everbody worldOne !  … Smile and be Happy!  …

Gracias a La Vida ! Giving Life Back to Life .. Give More than we take,  and Watch the World ReMake !

Ho’o make make .. Maka Kilo Kilo ..  Ojala !  O Mudupwe !