88.1 KeCg 97.7 from El Cerrito High School, is a broadcast service of West Contra Costa Unified School District.

Open Minds + Open Hearts + Open Possibilities + Open House @ keCg  SAT,  May 12, 11A – 3P – more details below!

Since 1995, in association with SF Bay Inner Bay Rim Public Radio 88.1 keCg  97.7, West Contra Costa Unified School District … a small and precious Public Radio resource, KeCg, was founded.  It began with a dedicated team of Educators and Community members in the mid-seventies and was founded by Elmer Peterson and John Tietjen (before “video killed the radio star” / The Buggles). KeCg is FCC-licensed to El Cerrito High School (de facto Board is WCCUSD School Board), with two concentric (Venn-like) signals on the East Bay Rim, transmitting from FM perches in El Cerrito ( Stadium) and San Pablo Ridge.

All the while, KeCg has educated generations of young aspiring broadcasters at ECHS and Kennedy High Schools, interested and passionate in the palette of skills and career pathways related to Broadcast Journalism and naturally, appreciating and sharing music! We are Grateful for additional guidance and support of Contra Costa County Office of Education/ Regional Occupational Programs (ROP) , and California Partnership Academies/ WCCUSD Career Technical Ed, College and Career Readiness.

Go ! Public Radio KeCg ! GO ! WCCUSD !  GO ! CTE !  

worldOneradio was invited to join keCg in 1995, celebrating 22 years of broadcast September 2017. 


worldOne radio was founded in 1995 (via cassette tape submission) and while casting around country-wide and internationally, invited to contribute programming to WCCUSD Public Radio 88.1 keCg 97.7 FM by Mr. Philip Morgan. Inaugural keCg broadcast was on the date September 11, 1995. We express our Appreciation and Respect for the contributions of Mr. Morgan.  Hayward/Oakland-based MORE Public Radio, Prentice + Jeannie Woods were long-time collaborators of keCg, as was KLON Jazz. Since the 70’s keCg has been evolving and surviving the vagaries of economic/political times and tides, benefiting from many blessings, or recuperating from and avoiding disaster, and otherwise thriving musiculturally, and doing what we can do in our tiny canoe to benefit and amplify goodness in our communities of service.  

Corey Mason (worldOnelove), Gregg McVicar (UnderCurrents Radio/Native Voice One), Ed Vincent (Radio EdSoft Films)

The inaugural worldOne festival followed naturally in 1998 though collaboration with El Cerrito Rotary and then directly with the City of El Cerrito.  worldOne has organically grown from programming weekday afternoons 4-9 pm, to become the multicultural, eclectic, glocal programming theme of Public Radio keCg. We’re grateful for all the help and guidance of educational agencies, volunteers and like-minded direct listener supporters and sponsors.

You are the Public in Public Radio   …  Public RadiYOU!  Your direct listener support is a vital part of our sustainability. We seem to never miss the water til its gone .. let’s not miss the keCg worldOne musicultral waters!

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keCg is a radio drum parupapumpum that brings the Good Spirits to Protect You ..  

Open Minds + Open Hearts + Open Possibilities + Open House @ keCg  SAT,  May 12, 11A – 3P 

KeCg is located inside El Cerrito High School and Performing Arts Center, 540 Ashbury Ave, Suite B200, El Cerrito, CA 94530.
Street parking on Eureka. Ramp entry from Eureka.  Healthful potluck savories and sweet YUMM warmly welcomed!      

Thanks ALL Double RainBrros + Sinthesisters, who brought their SHiNE, managed to dew drop inn on November 18th including: Damo + Mika, One Feather +  Eric, Joel, Nateji, Jonas, Stephanie Wild Girl, Robert, Eileen H, 3AMChrisB,Michelle+Alton, RichardO,  DjIAMSDAMIAM, EdPhones, John, Daniel, Laura+ Cassie, Coleen + Rodrigo, Kimmie, Randy, Jose , Ramon, Charlotte, Betty, Helen, Vince + Laura, Esther and MatinaBella, Dr. Lisa, Joel+Grace, Kate+Emerson+Hayden+Brooks, Tom + Janet, Jim, Nilda, Deborah, Chas !                 

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