World One Radio + Festival

Constellation Vibration Rising~ All Star All Right

Thank You! Appreciation Mr. Marley and Tuff Gong .. more inna minute …fly rasta art 2


And Thank you, Salamat ! Mr. We ! for hand carrying seed-dees of Tinikling musics back from Pilipines!


And a Thank you SoleyJah and Working Company for allowing us to premier this Roots video “AftaHurricaine” by Bhy2R…



While keCg Youth Crew, my daily charge, have all kinds of supraG rubadubbermade lov, bOuNce, ran dones  s, NRG, and curiosity … along with broadly self-reflective, admitted generational laziness, distraction and/or procrastination …  arrgh!! +  XOALL! And Just being h u e m a n, adolescing, Earth, Bay Area, WE Day 2014.

weday youth crew 2014

Well, whod’a guessed. I suppose it’s more than time … lol !?           Three beard  April 2014

We have been honored in several recent Recogntions and a Precious conversation: 

-   2013  Contra Costa County AC5 Fine Arts Award (Oct)      

-   unite4good Award  innovation : hero  ( Jan 2014)

-   Hometown Hero  (Feb 2014)  

When we began this worldOneradio+festival Musical Odyssey nearly 20 years ago ( Hey! a musical ! ), with all the elements of a proper Odyssey/Journey .. Corey honestly b e l i e v e d that Listeners, Artists, Sponsors, Soccer Moms, Labels, Industry Executives, Administrators of various stripes would receive our proposal and intention happily and enthusiastically, virtually immediately… it all seemed so fresh, upwelling , present. new and old, musipoetically interesting, eclectic, culturally nuanced, educative, affirming, and natural. That last part? is what apparently has taken nearly 20 years to catch on? amidst all the erstwhile socio-cultural inertia or spasms and deepening clamor, titillation, stroboscopes and weapons of mass distraction, TMI, information-overload of Modern Times, Race Babbling. (Our particular one-more-radio-and-festival-option is certainly one kind of those).

20 years ago was when I had plenty of dark thick braided hair + a strong radio industry resume, and a car/van that was 20 years younger, to boot.  Well y’all know Corey felt compelled to immerse in Public Education, and simultaneously been “declined” by erstwhile industry radio, found a home for worldOneradio in little FM’s keCg, ( Thanks Phil)  and @10 years subsequent, of course, online. The “Radio Industry” per say, was momentarily piqued, but ultimately unmoved by worldOne overtures, internally reactive and broadly convulsive (due to the emergence of internet), to the point where, today, I hardly recognize it, and likely vice versa. Life is a River and the river has moved on. Are you ridin’ in the river in you tiny canoe ? Are you sittin on the sidelines watchin the view?  

Just perhaps … perhaps akin to a JAZ musician who, perhaps, finds a somewhat broader and receptive/appreciative audience, after a few decades, usually afar, and sometimes nearby ?

And perhaps, Akin to Gandalf, who having battled, tilted, exhausted and surrendered … transcending and travelling across space and time returned (to you,us ) as Gandalf the White (Ifa/Obatala) .. 

eagle totem pole

-  Youth Crew Iview with Ziggy David Nesta Marley(March2014) 

fly rasta cover art

fly rasta art 2   ziggy-marley


fly rasta art 2

fly rasta cover artThank you Mr. Marley and Tuff Gong !  FLY RASTA! engaging lively and direct with th keCg Youth Crew 

Corey is taking a Spring Break moment here to again invite, an ALL Call to AllaYall .. to contribute, listen, feel, taste, dream, support, enjoy, dance, sing, work, sweat (the best perfume), cook, muse, swim, hike, bike … in some more perfect harmony … with Endless Appreciation to all our Community Friends, Families, Volunteers, Landlords, Framily, City, County, WCCUSD, ROP, Artists, Labels, Doug Wendt , Gregg Mcvicar, Recordists, Collaborators, Inspirators, VW Vanagon Mechanics, Butterflies BrrdsNBees, Earth and Sky, Ancestors, and my Beloved ceaselessly caring caressing Debra Sue

who have supported and nurtured us this far …  through decades of Bright Blessed Days and Dark Inky Sacred Nights .. All Star All Right ..

Ziggy / Fly Rasta … ” I don’t want to live on Mars”  …

so .. where do we go from here? 

worldone a GO GO ! Go  Magic  Go! Go  Logic  Go! Go  Love  Go!

Go  Ecology  Go! Go  Peace  Go!  Go  AllaWe  Go !   = ; ) ~


Stop Hey ! What’s that Sound ?!

We’re apparently on some kind of roll, magic carpet ride here? … an overnight sensation ! after @ 20 years .. lol !  GRATEFUL!  SMiLE

It will mos def go to our hearts and not go to our heads .. still just makin the rent for our blessed home/office/heartquarters .. and el Caballo Rosado (88 VW COMBi) is just getting older  ….  

Last month  .. Richmond’s Craneway Pavillion played host venue for unite4good Bay Area .. the continuing and evolving tour which is calling for a global consciousness and movement to do and be precisely, and manifold that.. united intention of goodness .. no small endeavor .. round the ol’ worldOneradio corral … we finna roll widdaT .. we finna shout boutiTst! .. no doubt boudiTst! .. after all, so-much-trouble-in-the-world, much unnecessary negative stress and grief in the world .. Really …. what is there left, what else? to do ?

We met many beautiful, dedicated, talented, UPful people faallin UP! while the tour was here .. precious and fast moving,  while unite4good surveyed glocal life on the ground on the East Bay Rim .. the tour actively deliberated and chose Richmond as its destination after NYC and Miami (Respect! to SF or LA) .. and among others, unite4good chose to acknowledge djworldOnelove (Corey) and WCCUSD 88.1 keCg 97.7 as the recipient of a community “Hero” award… for our works of nearly 20 years in musicultral Arts and Education. We are honored . Thank you and GO !  unite4good.united 4 good award sm foto 3

To wit .. of late, and for iver, a thematic song on-air with us, is the onederful inspiratorial shuffle +  by Nightmares on Wax … i do be .. … ” be the most magnificent.. live a life that’s benvolent .. be the highest of the highest or anything equivalent .. i do be  .. “   Thank you and Respect ! dj Ease / George Evelyn + N o W crew  .. ROOTS! SOUL! ROKON

These last several weeks have demanded some of the heaviest lifting and full engagement in recent memory … as an urban amorista edjujucator ..

so I especially appreciate some LIFT like this .. getchoself some Pharrell Williams kind of happy … .. and speaking of happiness … sometimes you have to be your own sunshine .. and sometimes, like NYE, My Beloved She, is Giving Me the Ooh~La~ La !

Debra Sue la la

worldOnefestival 2014 is now on the summer horizon ..  herewith announced for your enjoyment and planning .. 

kecg glyph totem 2014 pc1 33 (5)


Wone pc back 1.1.14sm

and thus we have much for which to be Grateful and much to look forward to .. yaymen !

When worldOneradio was concieved @ ’94 ish .. I asked a consumately talented jazz friend, Mr. Rich Sigberman, to render his fine craft as Artist to create a modest, sincere invocation.. like a ketubah .. to visualize the intention for worldOneradio .. it resides in the center of our home sanctuary … along with images of objects that Rich observed while visiting in our thence SF home … a  micromacro image including Nike (the Goddess), a decahedron, cruciform, a cosmic dancing Tara, supernova heart + double bass ..  it is inscribed …. Raise Divine Sparks ..  raise divine sparks

excerpted from  … 

Isaac Luria, the renowned sixteenth century Kabbalist, used the phrase “tikkun olam,” usually translated as repairing the world, to encapsulate the true role of humanity in the ongoing evolution and spiritualization of the cosmos. Luria taught that God created the world by forming vessels of light to hold the Divine Light. But as God poured the Light into the vessels, they catastrophically shattered, tumbling down toward the realm of matter. Thus, our world consists of countless shards of the original vessels entrapping sparks of the Divine Light. Humanity’s great task involves helping God by freeing and reuniting the scattered Light, raising the sparks back to Divinity and restoring the broken world.

it takes a village to raise child …

it takes a world ? to raise our selves and our world ? toward G– ? 

Start living on a higher vibration

Now we take it to the heights of creation

Perfection of divinity
Is everyone’s duty
Don’t waste your time
Living for the vanities

We are creatures of faith
Victims of destiny
Which we create

Now we living on a higher vibration
‘Cause we take it to the heights of creation

Ziggy Marley – Higher Vibration .. 

livealohalive ..  

the next and shortest poem in all poetry?  ..

Go YOU ! GO ! Me ! Go ! WE !        = ; ) ~ 


WorldBeat~les … All You Need Is Love !

The Beatles first cast thier magic s p e l l over Britain, North America and the World in the early 60′s .. these exuberant fotos always get me .. a harbinger of what was to come  …beatles leaping 2

Perhaps its just a series of joyful and clever martketing fotos ?

It occurs to me, and Corey’s Beloved-Wife’s-Beloved-Sister Lisa, that therein, along with photo/set art +craft+ serendip … perhaps some gemetria ? emerges from these particular images? … onedering ….

another alternate take … hmmmm …

beatles leaping 1The photo was taken by photographer Dezo Hoffman on Monday, March 25, 1963 at Allerton Golf Course in Liverpool.

Many people have assumed that the jump photo was taken from The Beatles “Twist & Shout” single but that photo was taken on a different day at a different location most likely Sefton Park. (

twist_and_shout_epThe Muses work in mysterious ways … Music is a Spirit … from your world tradition, language, alphabetic knowlege …poetically .. might you discern any particular semblance or resonance to some form, some artful message?

Martketing  and/or some serendipitous form of alphabetic/symbolic Lords A Leaping Kinetic Art ?  Maybe their ecstatic leaping was message enough ..    What say you  … feelin’ it ?   

Whatever it was or is …. g’wan and Twist! and Shout! LOVE! = ; ) ~ 

Give Some and Getchoself Some in 2014

Zac Rodgers/

drawing by Zac Rodgers

Kwanzaa celebrates what its founder Maulana Karenga called the seven principles of Kwanzaa, or Nguzo Saba (originally Nguzu Saba—the seven principles of African Heritage), which Karenga said “is a communitarian African philosophy,” consisting of what Karenga called “the best of African thought and practice in constant exchange with the world.  The celebration had some traction years back, though currently not very popular here in the USA … a la 2% ( like Jazz? ) .. still, potent ! 

hmmm ..  Unity, Self-Determination, Collective Work and Responsibility, Cooperative Economics , Purpose, Creativity, Faith … Geez.. you’d think that woulda taken off !  And just L I S T E N to this,    S A Y   A L O U D — >  Umoja, Ujima, Kujichagulia, Ujamaa, Nia, Kuumba, Imani …. as sonorous and spiritual as a mantra or a John Robinson/ Lil Sci lyric …

Dr. Karenga did not host the MTV Music Awards … but Russell Brand has!  .. and he now crows, it was a total charade.  The preceding link is the October BBC interview with Jeremy Paxman …  over and undertones of George Carlin and Jay Billington Bullworth and Dylan Ratigan ..   though framed by Russell’s gorgeous curls, a lovely beard, flashing eyes and teeth ... Geez … you’d think this would take off ? Looks like it is ! (see Kwanzaa, above )…    it’s said if you are not angry, you are not paying attention ..  careful though …  be sure to wick it,  shake it off ! Keep Shakin’Your Beauty ! 

There is alot more to say about all this, that’s likely what the next 500 years is for  .. so let’s see, be, do, .. and accentuate the positive .. don’t mess with Mr. In Between … peoplovpeacecopowerunity ! 

The evolution will be broadcast .. and needs a soundtrack .. worldOne ! ... Geez … you’d think this too would take off ! 

Let’s see … an overnight sensation? after nearly 20 years ? .. YES! we can work with that!eye sky  blue

Though, we do cherish our solace and retreat … We here at worldOne Heartquarters enjoyed a Holy Spoon this early AM .. all hearts and hips and purrrrpurrrpurrrrhh …after mixing several hours of pre-dawn mixology–> 

worldOneradio —> 12-27-13 —> A Lucid Nation / Genetics Retro Gene  + Tony Duncan /Sacred Mountain +  Medicine Game/ Dvd excerpt +  Redbone /13th Hour + A Tribe Called Red / Different Heroes +  Dj Spooky Dawn Penn / No No No Remix + Luciano Tribute to Dennis Brown  +  Get Smart Mambo dvd Excerpt + Nightmares on Wax / Feelin Good  +  Lisa Hannigan / I Don’t Know + Gogol Bordello / Name Your Ship  +  Rita Hosking / Something You Got  +  Sudama Mark  Kennedy /  Amazing Grace –>  and on and on til the break o dawn –>   along with all the great daily morning CST musicality in Undercurrents, and the Daily Doug Wendt Trifecta of Native +World +ROOTS…  and Radio EdPhones.  

We have deeply enjoyed Interchill Records releases and Artists collective over a long while … newly … We are t h r i l l e d  to welcome many recent longplay mix contributions from Interchill dj AnDJrew ... you’ll hear these poured into daily and nightly worldOneradio mixology … for Interchillage people .. you ..  me ..  ALLAWE!


You can listen to worldOneradio 24/7 by pressing PLAY @ top right of this website (shoutcast)  .. or take us with you via free app tune in  .. your smart phone as a magical mystery divining rod .. NICE .. search “worldOneradio” and you’ll see the logo pop up … now that’s a smart use of smart phone ! 

We wish you PEACE and LOVE   …. (the spirit of) Christmas isn’t just one day a year .. it’s a frame of mind (Kris Kringle, Miracle on 34th Street)   …  Bright Blessed Days and Dark Sacred Nights … throughout the rolling year ..  Mo’ Bless !  .. less stress …  

Stay Bless   = ; ) ~ 

snow flake cropped

Solstice ahead ! Light the Lights! Happi HolliJolli !

Good Morning Good ! Good Afternoon!  Good Evening ! ..  where are you ?

a recent image generated by Fletcher Oakes … from worldOnefestival 2013 .. what a glorous mandala  .. nicely mandalaholopoetically depicting the energy of the day,  and what a surprise that this image emerged from … ready?  .. a live surf band set with the Delmars .. which also featured a family sing-along politi-ditty …”Old Monsanto Had a (Franken) Farm .. and that’s -stein not Al .. because if Al Franken had a farm … that would likely be farmulous!

fletcho halo dancer fold 2013

In October worldOneradio +festival accepted an Honor awarded by Contra Costa County Arts Commission/ AC5 for Corey’s work of nearly 20 years (but who’s counting?) as :

Founder/ Director of worldOneradio WCCUSD Public Radio 88.1 keCg 97.7, to educate and engage the community while promoting global awareness through music culture nature and technology… and .. the very popular worldOne festival in El Cerrito .. and … educator who provides who provides his students with practical experiences of diverse cultures.   

mase an youth crew nov 21011

2013 Co-Honorees include the much respected and ebullient Los Centzontles Mexican Arts Center and formidable imagineer Architect James Phillip Wright. And YES, we are already talking and planning collaborations catalyzed by this lovely AC5 trifecta.  Along with an official County Proclamation we each are presented with fabulous award icon; an original Randy Strong art glass sculpture, ” flame of creativity” .  N I C E! Photo below with CCC Supervisors by Fletcher Oakes Photograhy.

AC 5 awardees

This past weekend , James and Corery and Rady met together at RStrongglass, to thank Randy for his icons, and  become creatively acquainted .. lol ..  all fire, fire signs, Sag’s firing away, cavorting beside the the watery pools of our respective beloveds Susan, Debra Sue, and Maggie ( cherished, though not pictured here) … I cannot figure out how Randy has any eyebrows at all, much less those amazing-luxurious-wing-like eyestaches….

strong v2 dec 2013

While nearly always galloping, wise ones in my life have advised me to pause deeply take this in. I shall do my best to pause and reflect.

Receiving is probably just common sense and practical good advice, as any Bay Area industry spotlights have almost summarily, to date, successfully circumnavigated our work, and otherwise shift rather quickly! LOL ? And perhaps as a reminder to keep a level head about the context of this genuinely great joyous honorary moment, El Caballo Rosado, our ’88 workhorse L.U.V  vanagon, refused to leave the barn this am, just to keep it real. col?

Elvis  Hood ornament

That said, I appreciatively share this distinction and will shine this honor forward  with all who have supported my various related initiatives: My Beloved Wife-Collaborator-Healer Debra Sue Kelvin, City of El Cerrito, WCCUSD, CCC ROP, and all the Artists, Sponsors, Recordists, Producers, Professional Mentors and Public Ed Teachers, Volunteers, Listeners who have shared their passions and creativity with our students and our community through keCg Public Radio, worldOneradio + festival.

DS + Corey @ AC5 2013

What I have sought to offer over this span of time is a deep dream of a harmonized, healthy, beautiful, restored, co-creative world.

That dream is kindled in the deepest recesses of my mind, and finds its first ring of manifestation in the world at home, Heartquarters. Living with my Beloved who also manages her own solo Integrative Health Practice.  She does all that, holds up half my sky, and not only speaks “Corey”, she can read my handwriting back to me when I cannot, and is the finder of lost objects.

Given our passions and modest combined household incomes, we only get by with a LOTTA help from our friends, and collaborators mentioned above and the generosity of our landlords. My deep and sincere thanks dear landlords who have generously affordably-housed us in El Cerrito over a few decades, The Kawatas, and over the last several recent years, The Chen Family. Landlords all over the County, I trust you are listening!      

Our friend responded to the news of this award with a wily wink … 

I always enjoy myself at the (festival) and appreciate all that your intention behind it brings. I also enjoy the radio station regularly and have it programmed into my car choices. Enjoy. Let it in…..because now that you have been publically recognized… can never give up the fair…..sly those (City and County Officials) …..A.

 May it be so! I would add that we managed, together as a County, Cities, Schools and Districts, to survive some very lean, and even nearly mean economic seasons, to arrive to this day. I might say we did do artfully.  The art of living is seeing a way, a practical way, some resourceful, inspired and inspiring way where there is no way. And so, perhaps a further testimony to the value of seeing and processing information and experience artfully. And bringing an artful perspective to rational-in-the-word needs and problems. Respecting and reinventing traditions. Disabusing ourselves of what no longer works.  A higher path. A different way to interpret and present feelings and thoughts. A rounder expression of our glorious human soul-fullness, kultimutural heritage and hoped-for collective future.  Arts speak an added dimensional language of the heart, mind, and soul. Arts help shape healthier humans.

It is my hope that ALL civic and business enterprises continue to vigorously and generously support the nurturance of comprehensive whole-being education, enlightened business practice, active collaboration among the two, and the celebration of our world of musics, arts, dance, architecture, agriculture, ecology, sciences and life-long-learning.

G’wan Shake Your Beauty !  We will too !  

Corey worldOnefest 2012 by Fletcher Oakes

 From the heart, thank you.  Don’t stop believing.  worldOnelove! 

Sooo Sunday morning visit to Catahoula Coffee In Richmond… for a savory and some signature house Lola-blend beans … in our car.. Lila Downs via 88.1onelove .. we step onto to the foggy, blustery curb (what difference a day make!) there’s a unicorn ! and a good and weathered Dewalt is BoomBoxin ….Lila Downs …whatchu listeneing to Brro ? worldOneradioo!   NICE !    

Catahoula Tilth 2013BiG Green UP Urban Tilth Brromanos Andrew and Jessie … representing for Pachamama, growing healthy foods, attitudes, and communities … 

Que comamos y bebamos (agri) Cultura ! Una vida loca y un sol .. vale !   = :  ) ~


Presentation Ceremony and Reception for the 2013 Arts Recognition Awards

 The Arts and Culture Commission of Contra Costa County (AC5) invites everyone to attend the presentation ceremony and reception for the 2013 Arts Recognition Awards recipients at the Board of Supervisors Chambers, 651 Pine St., Martinez, CA.  The ceremony and reception will be held on October 22, 2013, 9:00 a.m. with reception immediately following the presentation.

AC5 and the County Board of Supervisors are honoring two individuals and an organization for the significant contributions to the arts and culture of Contra Costa County and beyond that they have made over a sustained period of time.  The Arts Recognition Awards will be presented at the regularly scheduled Board of Supervisors’ meeting, Tuesday, October 22nd, 9:00 am at the County Administration Building located at 651 Pine St., Martinez, CA.  A reception will follow immediately after the presentation by the Board of Supervisors.   The awardees for 2013 are, Corey Mason, educator and cultural promoter, Los Cenzontles Mexican Arts Center, and James Phillip Wright, architect. 

Each honoree will receive a commemorative glass sculpture representing the flame of creativity created by the internationally recognized glass artist Randy Strong of Berkeley from the Arts Commission and a resolution from the Board of Supervisors honoring their accomplishments.

This week .. thanks to our colleague Kym Kuzmic,  we were honored to welcome an Angel-Fly-By Film Maker Joshua Bee Alafia  to live Studio A, with the keCg Youth Crew…  visiting the Bay Rim to celebrate the West Coast Premiere of his latest full length feature ” Let’s Stay Together” … open the link above to learn more about his vision, works, words and warmth ..

Joshua Bee Alafia + Corazon in Studio A


So, we are chitchattin, madhattin, reasonin .. and I peruse his Bio … and I see… Cuban Hip Hop All Stars  … which he shot in 4 days some 10 years ago .. Yii ! …  I plotz … and run for the video cabinet to have him personally glyph the video .. and while weare at it .. Goodness + Graciousness AllAround  he hits us with some fiya from these Artist Poets … Frank Waln ~ Blood for Oil  frank-waln-feat

and  Oku Onuora …  

Oku Onoura

Hang Onto Your Halo Y’ALL  …. Blessed Bee …    


And I says to Mice Elf …


Louis_Armstrong_What_a_Wonderful_WorldLouis_Armstrong_What_a_Wonderful_WorldLouis_Armstrong_What_a_Wonderful_WorldThird times’ the charmstrong ! And it gets better every time … 

We Oneder, which are some of the most powerful global harmonic sonic sonic tonic anthems you enjoy …

that you’d care to recommend for sharing, caring, and broadcast? Hopefully, you’ll hear many similar vibz and insights as you listen to worldOneradio .. locally via 88.1 keCg 97.7 or via ‘puter glocally or shoutcast or tune-in smartphone app search > “worldoneradio”  ..

We’d love to hear from you .. the Public in Public Radio !     = ; ) ~ 

Hey !  THANK YOU AC5!  and Contra Costa County Arts Comission .. we have been honored as a recipient …

County Arts Commission Bestows 2013 Awards

For fifteen years, the Arts and Culture Commission of Contra Costa County (AC5) has been recognizing arts leaders in our communities through the Arts Recognition Awards. The award honors individuals, businesses, or charitable organizations that have made significant artistic or philanthropic contributions to Contra Costa’s arts and culture over a sustained period of time.  Each year the AC5 solicits nominations from the community through their ARTBEAT electronic newsletter and through their web site,, where the nomination period is announced and the guidelines and forms can be downloaded.  Anyone is eligible to nominate, and any individual or organization within ContraCostaCounty may be nominated.  The Commission creates a panel of judges from their County District Arts Commissioners, and three honorees are selected.

LiveAlohaLive Kauaian Eye n I

Aloha …

Just adding these images signaling our return … back in the El Cerrito, CALi saddle … the ol’ worldOneradio corral on San Francisco’s East Bay Rim .. Maruru!  Heiva I Kauai and Manea and Nathan .. the hard working friends and gentlemen pictured here with dj worldOnelove in Kapaa, Kauai… deep mahalos to ALL who shared thier Aloha spirit with us .. we are grateful .. details to follow .. along with all kine musixcology … ( Bruddah Natan get an ever present beaming smile-from-the-heart and a Kauai-shape mole on his chest(hahd to get bote o’ dose!)  I love how our worldOne mandala logo also looks akin to a drum … that brings the good spirit to protect you .. and chase away the bad …so its is said …

Heiva I Kauai 2013 manea nathan and corey 2013   and here’s why we gathered …

heiva madonna 2013an yet more … te vai ura nui 2013and this is how I like my hat to to look and feel, and when I am in this atmoslove ..hat makes the man 2013

makes scents! …. then, thus overwhlemed and spirtis washes and scrubbed clean (mahalo Auntie Angeline’s) …we gather up all the cds, impressions overt and subliminal, audio bits, conversations and mixe a summer sonic hologram …  worldOneradio 08-11-13   kauai shout outs + mahalos

1 The orb Falkenbrock + snowbow Okie dokie Kompact 13
2 Nakai Cody Sarde Enter tribal Enter tribal Canyon 01
3 Tino Corp D-u-b dub Tino’s breaks 5 Tino corp 01
4 Groundation Chant Young tree  Young tree 99
5 Patrick landeza Holo holo kihoalu Slack key huakai Addison st 13
6 Gaby pahinui Lei no ka’iulani Gabby Panini 91
7 Pekelo ….Manawela boy+pauoa liko Ka kekua  piha hauoli Kana kuila 97
8  Toti’s tahitians Te arapo +te ori ori ra Tah drm +dnce v3 Cord intnl
9 Kamakakehau fernandez Mele no kahului Wahi mahalo Indie 2013
 10 Chongolio Sundya splinters Single Soundcloud 13
11 Jack johnson Wherd all the good people go In between dreams Brushfire 05
12 Chongolio Crazy talk Single Soundcloud 13
13 Fat freddy’s drop Roady + wandering eye Based on  true story Kartel 05
14 Mystic roots band Tonight Camp fire Stay postv 13
15 Harptones Life is but a dream The ultimate  53-61 Jasmine 12
16 Trio garufa Milonga uruguaya rumor de tus tangos Garufa 12
17 Wallflowers Reboot the mission Glad all over Columbia 12

and we re-broadcast what we experienced, to help us remember the Beauty, the blessings of aina the moana, pre-dawn poi-washing, mountain apple~awapuhi whirligigs, pond bathing ( akamai of flash floods) paddling-beneath kala and mahina, enthralled-double-anuenue-all-the-way, fly-by hahalua, and honu and mano (yiikes!), the frienships and the work  …

 LiveAlohaLive …  shoot the fader …  bump the meter … shake the tweeter .. bump it well well welll press play > = : ) ~ 

boom box + hands

press play >  >      >        >                                = : ) ~ 


Blesstival .. Gracias a La Vida !

DShimmer + MCorey @ worldOnefestival 2013Gracias a La Vida .. que nos ha dado tanto .. Debra Sue and Corey offer deepest thanks all Artists, Production staff, Volunteers, Sponsors, Artisans, Foodies,  City and every attendee who made this worldOne musicopia a palpable, shimmering expression of musiculture, BEAUTY, and what makes U.S.ALL … packing down and repairing, wrapping details now .. plenty of those !  and yes, we are sleeping more deeply.sol !…

a few pics here .. Thank you Mark!

and more fromFletcher Oakes  ..

peek at FB for more .. see side bar .. Thanks Gina! 

this Bollywood mention ( Non Stop Bhangra!) from in CC Times 

luz, amor, y buena vibra .. 

It’s festival time! This is an All Call! For Alla Y’ALL! Ones! All Ways All Star …



Main Stage Festival Schedule + Artist Information (listed if available):


10:00 am   Tara Linda

11:05 am   The Del Mars Surf Band

12:15 pm   Musical Art Quintet

1:20 pm     Ed Reed Quartet

2:30 pm     Rusty Zinn and His Band

3:45 pm    Suhaila International Dance Company

4:45 pm    Fely Tchaco

6:05 pm    Deborah Iyall Group

Between sets enjoy global DJ sets by UnderCurrents Radio & worldOneradio

Carnaval Schedule:

11 am / 1 pm / 3 pm Circus Imagination

following Circus Imagination, magic by:  Magical Nathaniel

12:00 / 2:10 / 5:50 Carnaval walkabouts with The African Outlet

10:30 / 12:30 / 2:30  Hoola Hoop demonstrations + playfulness with Hoopin Heather!

5:40ish – 5:50ish Interlude with Non Stop Bhangra

Wed., July 3rd DJ Jimmy Love

H e r e  it comes .. worldOnefestival 2013 … arrreee youuuuu readyyyy tooooo R  U  M  B  A  ! we’ll be dancin in the streets and grazin in the grass .. and shakin our beauty … stonesoulworldOnelove picnic … surrounded by swaying trees (entjuke),  smiling faces, musicalities, arts, blues skies and rolling clouds  … music flower dream power !  Here’s the lastest inspired stage back-drop by visionary digigenie Fletcher Oaks …    which celebrates Non Stop Bhangra  … who will perform a glorious Punjabi dance-along stoked by DJ Jimmy Love and live Dhol Rhythms Drummers … YeOw !  This will be an entirely participatory Soul ShakeDown, with instruction,  5-7 pm on Wednesday Eve the 3rd.. PLEASE DO NOT MISS THIS EVENING!  .. we know that Vicki Virk et al are greatly looking forward to this precious opportunity to celebrate a genuine dance tradition outdoors .. in a natural setting which the dance honors …  a soul shake down of first order! Vicki instructed Bhangra on campus at ECHS this term among our Dance Production classes ( XO ! gifted unlimited teacher JessiE Kronenberg) and imported same into schoolwide culture via flashmob and social dance ..  really trully brilliant !! (THANK YOU! ED FUND!)   

We just wrapped the academic term in WCCUSD and our keCg Summer Radio CampRusty Zinn & His Band visited us in-studio on Wednesday June 19, @ 10 am  to live acoustic studio.

4th annual Richmond Powwow on Saturday, June 22 .. in the Heart of Rich City, Cali ..  looking so forward to a day of celebration of togetherness in Honor of Great Spirit …    Respect and Best Wishes to the Richmond Powwow Committee and worldOneradioXO! Courtney @ Native American Health Center in Richmond …  worldOne will be there to support, along with worldOnesoulBromano Michael Roman … whose hand-printed prayerwear will be available direct from the the Artist (as well as at worldOnefestival) .. we love spending hours and days together with Michael .. like a boxoxocolatls !  One his winged Marley prints will be in the raffle ay Powwow .. wowWOW!   

Soooo  .. we have had a few meetings at worldOneheartquarters recently, with our precious volunteers, new and seasoned .. we are tired from the labor of the year behind us, and its time to rise like the summer sunflowers which will decorate the festival ! The festival celebrates all the work and sweat and blesseng and learning of the seasonal procession, our orbit, rings of learning, and lovolution as a community or varied and onedrows being  .. no joke, cosmic stroke.  

Fely Tchaco at Amoeba 2012

Hey! bring plenty of pocket money to worldOne festival to help support keCg and the festival and the arts + foods vendors. YES! its presented freely, but you must know full well, that all virtually music and arts are up against it .. (and WHY you may well and should ask) this event is a small  and M I R A C L E …. thanks the City of El Cerrito, its Citizens, like-minded sponsors and volunteers. This is a public event, and like public radio .. you, WE are the PUBLIC  … we never miss the water till its gone .. so lets sing anmd pray to the water … money does NOT make the world go round .. but it’s sure requisite to make this festival cornucopia .. so dig deep, dig ? .. give what you can… for our part .. we shake out everything we’ve got .. that’s what a festival takes .. as it should be, if its gonna have any meaning and gudjuju in it .. seen ? 

djworldOnelove is digging through archives to package “lost” hand-sealed cd’s … the worldOneradio artkive direct from studio .. over 18 years of keCg worldOneradiomixology … if you’d like an original cd-from-master mix … drop fifteen boks! (lovu Kenny Perkins!)  or more !  to the donation jar / festival perpetuation fund ..   and Corey will personally gift you a cd  …  we’ll  likely  have @ 100 X  on hand. I’ll even draw my emotocon on it ! = : ) ~ + Bugs Bunny SCWEWY SWAK .. priceless ! 

More soon .. we’ll be tweeting … updating .. kindling .. working .. planing and scraping our knuckles in the weeks ahead .. knee needs a little ice right about now ! while we look forward to gettin together and feelin all right … hearts and hips .. sparking everything technique!  

Wish to donate $$$ or volunteer time ?  Contact us directly and pronto presto!  through our Volunteer link  and/ or the Contact Form on the the .org pull down menu .. 

Lately we’ve been thrilling to Paolo Fresu, Holly Herndon, Tha Tribe, Kobo Town, Andre Thierry , all kinds of Zawinul,  John Robinson (Flourescence), Snoop Lion , Rusty String QTT,  and Chambao (gracias! sirena Adrianna) Lots of new mixology for summer, on deck  … stay atuned via 88.1 keCg 97.7 .. .org shoutcast … or tune in free app””  … 

BEST ! Always ! Stay Blest ! Always ! Waay OuT West !   = ; ) ~ 


worldOneateers Ed and Isabel created another fabulous fest video melange  … as appearing now at Cerrito Theatre and KCRT … and here!