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  1. i just discovered KECG last month, quite by chance, flipping through the dismal radio dial one day. this is the best radio station i have EVER heard!!! such a masterfully selected, truly stellar offering of the finest global sounds, right in my hood! living in el sobrante and working in north richmond, i consider myself blessed to be in crystal clear range of your 97.7 san pablo transmitter both at home and at work! THANK YOU for doing what you do! having such a station to listen to restores my faith in what radio can be.


    1. Good Morning Good ! Pixie …
      I am, we are so glad you found us .. and found something to enjoy .. thank you … your appreciation and comment means a lot to us .. how about coming in for a studio visit and recording a keCg station id ? add your voice to our Khorus? ….Have a lovely day , lovely day , lovely day , love ly day ! = : ) ~

  2. It’s been a blistering month around the old worldOneradio corral … for various reasons this season … from tech meltdowns to the pace of the academic rigors and pressures in our Public HS setting .. Chinese proverb … if it doesn’t kill you (me) … LoL ..
    Not one .. but two major tech problems hobbled us this month .. our worldOneradio.org server crashed .. and while we are addressing that issue, our keCg Radio main server hard drive crashed .. all hands and tech on deck and all hands on manual !
    Classroom instruction occupies me daily and constantly, and when those duties are wrapped each day .. there’s our pair of mighty mouse Bay Rim FM’s , production and maintenance of same. Exhaustion is a big factor, I crashed too. My beloved wife is always on point to monitor, heal, and/or stoke my energies. As is the MUSIC! We’ll get by and we get by, with a little help from our friends.
    A recent studio guest said,” I’ve never seen so much technology in a classroom”. True enough, radio ops alone is a big little deal, two production rooms and all the related hardware / IT. The classroom has 10 workstations and two printers. And perhaps it’s not a surprise, the “internet generation” can navigate their smart phones, and will immediately still call for help if they can’t figure out how to get a doc to print .. ” did you turn on the printer, and assure there is paper in it? , or, how to get a hand-made label ( for a cd compilation project) in its crystal case ? …”try some scissors and a glue stick !? The classroom has 10 workstations and two printers. And perhaps its not a surprise, the “internet generation” can navigate their smart phone menus, check emails and take LOTS of pictures and will still immediately call for help if they can’t figure out how to get a doc to print .. ” did you turn on the printer, and assure there is paper in it? , or, how to get a hand-made label ( for a cd compilation project) in its crystal case ? …”try some scissors and a glue stick !?
    I am all about developing bigger ideas, and developing positive citizenship, character, conscience, and accountability while meeting the youth ” where they are”. I am coaxing along anew cohort of youth broadcasters, and some are developing step-wise and splendidly, absorbing and taking on a broader public community vision, while others are quite awash in high school adolescence, hangin back. Many students seem overwhelmed/distracted with personal “social” media, they procrastinate on academic projects (and take academic penalties for being late). Then there is the overarching pop culture, popularly promoted as “goin/bein stoopid” … glam and glom, and then the gloom and doom of current national and international economic angst/affairs, educational quality/access, and flat-out predictable pessimism/cynicism/skepticism. All this commutes to deep adolescent anxieties about a world-in-tilt. That’s partly what i mean about “where they are”. We all need active optimism and hope.
    We have been privileged to welcome a number of in-studio live guests this month in Youth-led interviews, and we are always grateful to Artists who make the time and have the skills and QI to engage young aspiring minds and hearts. This is an invaluable bridge to make meaningful community and musicultural connections. Our thanks to Berkeley West Edge Opera, Ian Faquini (Brasilian Guitarist), and The Del Mars surf band, among others.
    Our annual worldOne festival and related preparations are in full gear … early season artistic (including worldOne GOGO marionettes crated by Cordelia DeVere ), production, and sponsor coordination.
    March.. in like a lion … April showers ( finally) will bring new flowerings … on the musical tip ..these weeks have us enjoying …all kinds of new vibz from older and newer recorded projects: Afta 1, Herbie Hancock, 10’Ganja Plant, Pat Metheny, Terry Lynn, JRawls and John Robinson, Nouvelle Vogue, Janka Nabay, Afroliscious, Musical Art Quintet, Steven Stanley, John Trudell ( see the video “Trudell”), Mirage of Deep, Schulman, Coyote Jump, Bruce Cockburn, Jasmon, Deborah Iyall … musics from the four corners, and beyond. WE should be back on line before too long, for out of FM range listening. Will holla !
    March.. marched in like a lion … and may April showers (finally, here in Northern Cali) bring you new flowerings …
    = : ) ~
    VIPS .. please remember to VOTE for The Peace Project daily @ http://www.voteforthepeaceproject.com

  3. You’ve been playing a song and I always have to jump out of the car before finding out who it is. It sounds like a British female spoken word/hip hop artist. Maybe it’s called subliminal? Psyche? Something like that. Can you e-mail me who it is?
    Also, do you guys ever play Lila Nelson? She’s a local genius. http://www.lilanelson.org.

  4. YES! Emilia.. that’s a sizzler.. insightful .. feminine/genuine ..
    from Floetry .. Subliminal … please Do introduce us/link to Lila Nelson …
    thank you for listening keenly ..and kindly writing ! = : ) ~

  5. Good Morning Good ! All ..

    we are testing a Low Fi audio stream this week … you might share the link with friends in far away places .. and maybe now you can listen at work ! we will improve the bit rate and audio quality as we roll along .. Steps:

    First install winamp on a pc.

    then copy this and paste it in “stream URL”


    enjoy ! and thank you for the favor of your listening … = : ) ~

  6. Greetings! I wanted to make a suggestion for the Festival this year. Queen Makedah, Zion roots reggae from Israel. She recently moved here from Jerusalem and has quite a following. You can check her out at queenmakedah.com. Amazing work, performer, postive person!!
    Love & blessings

    Ora Levi

  7. Thank you Ora … very worthy suggestion indeed! .. our worldOnelove dance- card is full for July 4th 2012 .. and we are already planning future events .. let’s see what happily develops … and will hope to greet you on July 4th in El Cerrito !
    = : ) ~

  8. Kelsy you have out done yourself yet again I love them! I can’t wait to see them all. You are an amanzig photographer. As I told Michelle this isn’t the last time you will hear from me. Thank you for capturing everything I can’t thank you enough.

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